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This week in history: President Kennedy spends the last weekend of his life in Palm Beach

President John F. Kennedy arrived at Palm Beach International Airport for the last time on Nov. 15, 1963 for a weekend trip that included a visit to Cape Canaveral.

Click on the images to browse the Nov. 16 and Nov. 18, 1963 pages of The Palm Beach Post.

After the president’s death Mrs. Kennedy carried on the family’s tradition of visiting Palm Beach for the Christmas holidays, arriving in Palm Beach on Dec. 18 with six-year-old Caroline and three-year-old John Jr.

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Posted in Flashback blog November 14, 2011 at 6:00 am.


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  1. Jim Inglis Nov 14th 2011

    Hi Eliot.I saw JFK that last weekend he was alive-it was a Sunday afternoon;we lived in the Hillcrest area in West Palm Beach.Dad read in the Palm Beach Post that President Kennedy’s motorcade was scheduled to pass by on Southern Blvd. en route to Palm Beach Airport,so Dad drove to us to the convenience store directly across the street from Publix where we could get a good view as he passed by .JFK was on his way to the airport to fly to Miami-then on to Washington and subsequently Dallas.Hard to believe today that a Presidential travel route would be published in the local newspaper!.Dad,my brother John and I watched as the motorcade passed by-JFK was in a suicide-door Lincoln (that was his trademark vehicle).Little did we realize what an historic day that was-the last weekend JFK was alive and his last visit with us here in the Palm Beaches. I’m so grateful Dad took that time for us to see the President .And the car made quite an impression as well-I currently have a 1962 Lincoln 4-door convertible (identical to JFK’s) that is in my collection-it’s a favorite!!!….Jim Inglis

  2. Robert Roberson Nov 15th 2011

    As a Palm Beach Police Officer I was assigned to the Secret Service and worked at the Kennedy Residence that week end as I often did when the President was in Town.

  3. My father was a city police officer in those years (motorcycle) I remember him telling us the story of the President and his family being in Palm Beach, before the holidays. He was part of the motorcade from the airport to the island, and back.

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