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180 Replies

  1. Cousin Dave Feb 14th 2014

    @ Flabitha, what I remember of Juno Beach is mostly from 1972 onward. We moved to the area when I was seventeen, but had visited my grandparent’s winter home there since I was twelve. It was still mostly rural then, with the population centers between US 1 & Ellison Wilson Rd from PGA Blvd to Pleasant Dr, and east of US 1 between the A1A cutoff & Donald Ross Rd, which I believe was the original center. By the time we arrived some of the old motels fronting US 1 had fallen into disrepair, with others thriving. Big thing I remember from the pre energy crisis days were all the palm trees with blue, red, yellow and green flood lights shining up from their bases into their fronds. It was like some kind of nighttime wonderland. There was a lot of lawlessness. I don’t even remember a Juno Police Department until the mid 80s. Before that, the portion of A1A from Donald Ross Rd, north to just south of Carlin Park was known as Double Roads. Municipal planers must have projected something like the Fort Lauderdale Strip in the years when Juno was first incorporated, because a two way thoroughfare had been paved, but with no other infrastructure to support it for decades after. Grass eventually grew through the blacktop in places. Where there are now high rise condos on one side and the beach on the other, there was only dunes, sea grapes and surf until at least 1982. Amatuer drag races were staged on Friday and Saturday nights, with teens spilling onto the beach where 2 or 3 giant bonfires burned for hours. Half my friends lost their flower on that beach. Another manifestation of the lawlessness of the time was the appearance of a biker bar, and eventual strip joint, called the Bloody Duck in the mid 70s. If I’m not mistaken, it was located just south of where McDonalds is now. Some of my friends and I went there when we came of age (we called it the Bloody F**k) and discovered a total of twelve teeth and 35 tattoos among the 3 or 4 stripers, dancing for what were clearly their pimps – bikers they called “my old man.” McDonalds, incidentally, was one of the first indications of US 1′s transformation from Old Florida motel strip to the commercial frontage we see today. And, of course, the nudist colony known as Air Force Beach (where McArthur Beach is now) was doing a brisk business well into the eighties. Plus, bales of marihuana (square grouper) washed up frequently on Juno Beach shores back then. Man, I miss those days!

  2. Sheila Conner Feb 9th 2014

    I was born & reared in WPB, best place to be a kid,I still have sand in my shoes, now living in Gatlinburg, Tn, Jupiter inlet(DuBois Park) John & Bessie & family, at least once a month my family was there from dawn to dusk, my dad worked for the FPL power company and picnics were great, catch the bus from WPB to Palm Beach, Lido Pool, summers were spent at the Palms Theatre for the cowboy series, later dancing at the Lake Worth Casino, Belvedere, Conniston & Forest Hill, didn’t get any better, maybe my sister and I will make it to our 50th high school reunion, still have 3/4′s of the Conner’s in WPB, life was good and still is.

  3. Like to share my Story on meeting Elvis on feb 13 1977 West Palm Beach at the Sheraton , was a great memorable time in my life to see and meet Elvis a great Entertainter and Legend
    i presented him with gift Plauque today is among others at the Trofeo Room .

  4. Frank A. Jan 16th 2014

    The Music Casters off Southern Blvd in the early to mid 1970s was the place to be if you were a teenager! The place rocked every weekend. Great memories and some great early girl friend experiences,

  5. Forgot to add that I was one of the fortunate people to have known John and Greg Rice, when I attended Golfview Jr. High. What a couple of fun characters they were!!

  6. My early childhood was in Juno. I think they call everything Juno Beach now. My father was a general contractor and built the first two fire stations in Juno. He served as chief for many years. It was all volunteer back then. Both buildings are still there, but are no longer fire stations. He was also responsible for developing the first Juno Park when I was just a boy in the 1950′s. Of course there was no PGA Blvd. thus no way to cross the inter coastal except NPB and Jupiter bridges. One of our houses that my father built for our family is now an office building near the corner of PGA and Ellison Wilson Rd. Spent my later teen and young adult years in WPB. I haven’t lived there for about 35 years now, but it is always fun to go back once in a while just to see what’s the same and what’s new. As one could imagine, there has been significant changes in the last 35 years. Many good memories of my birthplace in PBC.

  7. Katie Blatt Dec 23rd 2013

    To All former and current Palm Beach County dwellers: May you all be blessed with a peaceful and loving Christmas season and new year.

    And to Cecelia Deal-Williams: I wish I knew or knew someone who knew your mother. I know how difficult it is to trace family, so you have my sympathies. Good luck to you.

  8. Cecelia Deal-Williams Nov 18th 2013

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone in the community may have known my mother Emma Jean Heisler-Deal, or my grandfather or grandmother Paul & Elma Heisler. I grew up in West Palm Beach in the late 60′s up until the early 80′s and truly loved it. My mother and I moved around a bit for reasons I won’t go into detail here. But because my mother had me when she was 40 years old, I really do not know much if anything about her life before I was born. I do know that she worked real hard and did the hard jobs to take care of me. It was a hard life, and at times we had no food, but my mom sacrificed a lot for me and I will be forever grateful. She passed when I was 25 yrs old.

    I would be so appreciative for any information.


    Cecelia Deal-Williams

  9. Flabitha Nov 15th 2013

    Would anyone be willing to give me a little history on early Juno Beach, or tell me about the people that lived there in the 50′s-70′s? Its so small there’s just no personable history.

  10. Sheila Nov 11th 2013

    I grew up there in the mid-late 1980s through the early 2000s. This makes me a relative newcomer.

    I remember when Wellington and RPB were accessed only by a no-man’s land – a stretch of highway which had nothing to offer. You had better gone to the bathroom before you started out or you’d be holding it for a good long while.

    My favorite drive as a child was Belvedere Rd. I loved passing the Boy Scout Camp and industrial blgs and old concrete houses with all the windy in that road.

    I went swimming in a sinkhole pond that is now the Kmart/Shopping Center out between Wellington and RPB. Not sure what is there now as it has been a while since I was last in town.

    We ate at Bud’s Chicken and Seafood. There was a military surplus store on Military or Congress where you bought boy scout supplies. I took my drivers test at the DMV by the horticultural gardens. My mom worked at Danceworks Plus by the Peaches or was it Specs Music in Palm Beach Shores.

    My high school was Forest Hill and we’d go to a pizza place on the corner after football games. Can’t remember the name of it…

    I remember how diverse FHHS was at the time both economically and racially. I loved partying on Palm Beach with locals, eating with my Cuban girl friends, sleepovers in Lake Clarke Shores and riding horses out in LOX. I worked at the old Winn Dixie in Wellington but shopped at Publix. The entire economy in Wellington seemed to be supported by high school employees. Now I can’t find a high schooler who works! We spent the summers on Singer Island, window shopping in Palm Beach. I remember playing CB Tag all over the “western” county.

    Do you remember the house on Palm Beach over the little bridge where you could pull around and your car would be facing the intercoastal? At night we’d park in that spot to look at the lights but never stayed long for fear of being napped by the police.

    The highlight was going to the mall with my mom who would take me to lunch at the old cafeteria in the PB Mall. I would have ice box lemon cake. Then of course PB Mall got a chick-fila and that became the highlight. I remember a candle store where we’d buy candles to look at but never to burn. LOL Fashionable girls were on the Burdines Youth Board.

    I remember the laundry mat in RPB and that Wellington would not allow any fast food chains in town. We had to go to RPB for fast food. I worked at a chicken place in Wellington called Cluckers. This was as fast as food got out there. We had a two screen movie theater, an Italian place, Schaffer’s Drugs, Cobblestones, and various other places. Everyone knew everyone.

    We drove to Lake Worth to go to the Bookworm until a small bookstore opened in Wellington.

    Wedding receptions were held at the Italian American and Polish American Clubs.

    I remember the Ringley Brothers Elephant Parades, when Prince Charles and Lady Di came to the Polo Grounds, and legends about drug smuggling out by the Aero Club.

    Wellington with its new money was home to swingers and all types of Knots Landing-style drama. LOL. I was a babysitter back then and saw/heard waayy too much for my tender years.

  11. Katie Blatt Oct 29th 2013

    To Ed Bound–

    Hi, Ed–thanks for writing. I had given up that anyone would see my post. It seems getting info. ab. my parents is much more difficult than I had supposed, made no less easier bec. I am working full time and just bought a house, and so Joseph and I have many more expenses than we had.

    Whew–anyway, YES, that was my mom. I don’t know the years, but she taught World History at Palm Beach High after the war, I think a bit beyond when my sister was born, 1952. She loved telling a story ab. the WWII vets in her class, how they had worn out many, many substitute teachers, until she came along. Apparently, one of them (and these students were all much older, of course, than the typical high school student) challenged her, and said, “We’ll see how long YOU’LL last,” to which my rather petite mom replied, “You just take care of yourselves” and the other teachers were amazed at how quiet her classroom became–all of them settled down eventually. My mother WAS scary–big on discipline.

    If you have time, I would love to hear more about anything you know of my dad’s work and your visit to Bermuda Lane. I know Dad was quite successful at Mutual of New York, and I remember his office on Royal Palm Way before that, when he was on his own (I still have some stationery with his post office no. on it). My mother told me, long after he died, in 1975, that he hated the life insurance business (he had wanted to be a lawyer, but had no money when he was young for law school), so I keep some of the awards he won around my house, in honor of his memory. Doing something you don’t like AND doing it well isn’t easy, and was a big sacrifice, though he never showed it. He was a very even-tempered, cheerful, loving father.

    I’m sorry to say I don’t know your father–But maybe I’m too young to have heard his name around the house–I was born in 1954.

    Thanks again, Ed–and, as I said, if you are so inclined and have the time, I’d appreciate hearing more. Also–should you still be in touch with any of your classmates from PB High, ask them to write me here too–I’d love to hear more memories.

    Katie Blatt

  12. Ed Bound Oct 22nd 2013

    To Katie Blatt–Katie, my father Arthur E. Bound was in the life insurance business also and he and your father worked on many cases together back in the 1940s and 50s. And if my memory serves me right your mother was one of my teachers at Palm Beach High. I was in the class of 1948.

    I do remember your house in Palm Beach. My father, mother and I went there to see it soon after you all moved there. We thought that was pretty special.

    Small world!

  13. Katie Blatt Oct 13th 2013

    I grew up in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach in the sixties/early seventies. My dad sold life insurance and was very well liked and well respected. My mother used to say that everyone came to him for advice. His name was David J. Blatt, and I still remember walking down Clematis with him, and everyone knew him and he knew everybody. We lived first in West Palm, at 310 E. 29th Street. My mother told us that it was the first house built after WWII. I remember that house only from photos–he had a jalousie-windowed porch (a realtor here in Boston thought I was saying “jealousy” windows–goes to show), and a mango tree. We moved when I was three to Palm Beach, to 200 Bermuda Lane. I remember once at night we all saw an armadillo in our backyard. We had scorpions in the house every once in a while, and I recall once there was a huge one hanging above our kitchen door, and my dad made us all go inside and I was afraid he was going to die. I remember milk being delivered every morning. I remember the black woman who helped my mom–Jenny–who was wonderful, and whose boyfriend, Roosevelt, picked her up every night in his cab. (I think blacks weren’t allowed to spend the night in PB then.)

    Our house abutted Woods Landing, which then was a magical place. I understand that some developers have ruined it. It was a tangled place full of trees to climb. And somewhere near there was a very old, very huge tortoise.

    I remember walking down North County Road underneath a canopy of banyan? trees, and crabs and other scurrying things would run across the sidewalk into the shadows. I remember going to St Edwards on Sundays, and seeing “South Pacific” and “Patton” at the movie theater near the post office. My dad had a box at the PB post office and I remember loving going with him to pick up his mail. I hope that post office is still there.

    Lots more………. I am thinking of writing a book about my parents and life in the WPB area right after WWII. I have only a few memories of things my mom told us, of their first apartment on Jessamine St. in WPB, of there being very few stores of any kind down there then, of the heat and mosquitoes. Any contributions would be most appreciated.

  14. Jim Inglis Sep 27th 2013

    at Eileen…you are thinking of O’Hara’s;definitely a happening spot on St.Patrick’s Day!!.It was actually about a mile and a half north of Worth Ave-on County Rd just a little north of where Publix is today…Chez Jean-Pierre restaurant currently occupies the spot where O’Hara’s was

  15. Lynne: The pizza place you were thinking of may have been Maurice’s Italian Restaurant in Palm Beach.

  16. Eileen Spurr Derrick Sep 6th 2013

    I Lived in West Palm in 1956..again in 1961 and moved to Delray in 1962 My aunt and uncle have lived in WPB for 60 some years..some of my best memories are of those years. I recently told someone about O’Hare’s Pub on Worth or around the corner on Ocean Blvd. and they said there had never been an O’Hare’s in Palm Beach..but I recall many St. Patrick Day foray’s there with my husband in the 60′s.
    Can you tell me if I am right or wrong?
    Thank you, Eileen Derrick

  17. David Bunting Jul 21st 2013

    My Mothers Pregnancy Got Announced Here With My Sister In 82 I Believe.

  18. June 19, 2013

    I found this website and could not stop reading. In 1935 I was born in Good Samaritan Hospital. The hospital building was only 2 stories and was right on the corner of 12th St. and US1. I was third generation Floridian.Dr.Rozier delivered me. My 3 children were all borne there.

    I always lived in the north end of WPB until I married. My one Great Grandson is now 6th generation Flordian.

    I have lived all my life in West Palm Beach and the precious memories I have are worth a million.

    The schools I attended–Northboro where we had 1st
    grade through 9th and graduated from the 9th grade–then went to Palm Beach High School.

    We had lots of special people in PBHS. That was the only high school in WPB.

    So many names come to mind–I remember the first driving class at PBHS–the teacher was Ed Boell.

    We went to the Hut, Okeechobee Drive-In,which is still there as a restaurant.

    My family and I lived on Bethesda Terrace in 1942 and I remember Bethesda Park [now Currie Park]. Northwood Rd. was a thriving area. Skateland on
    26th St– May’s Grocery Store.

    On 42st. & Broadway we had Begore’s Market,
    40 St.was Albrittons pharmacy.

    In place of Sun Fest we had Sun Dance Festival.

    We had a beautiful Children’s Home on 45th St.

    During high school –I worked as a cashier at several theaters. Do you remember Rialto, Arcade,Palace,
    Carefree,Florida,Palms, Riveria, Skydrome Drive In,
    Paramount, Colony?

    Our first Mall was Palm Beach Mall. My husband helped to build it.

    In the area of Howard Park and the Kravis Center on Okeechobee Rd.
    We had the Palm Beach Canal turn basin.A large barge came from the Glades loaded with fresh vegetables each week They were very inexpensive.
    We also had plenty of fresh eggs and dairy farms.
    Fresh fruit, mangoes, and Worthmore home made ice cream(this was in Lake Worth) on US1.I do have a photo1930 I dearly love. I would be glad to bring it down and show it to you.

    I was in the courthouse in1935 with my Mom & Dad
    when the 1935 hurricane came through.(9 months old)

    I do remember Morrison Field. I remember my uncle getting on the bus. He was going for basic training in the Army WWII.My mother was crying and so was my grandmother. i decided I would cry–not understanding why they were upset.

    One more thought–I worked 35 years for Southern Bell, Bellsouth, and AT&T. The building at 326 Fern St.
    was used for a hurricane shelter.

    Inclosing–I remember Katy Coffee very well–My daughter Sheri took dancing lessons. I could go on forever.

    I hope you can tell I love West Palm Beach.

    Ruth Ellington Crawford Meeds

  19. Pattie Holley Benedix Jun 14th 2013

    I grew up in West Palm Beach in the 1960′s & attended Belvedere Elementary, Conniston Jr High & Forest Hill High. I was wondering if anyone remembers the Polo Grounds Stables off Military Trail. I boarded my horse there in 1972, while Mr. Hewitt managed the stables.
    I moved away in 1975 & when I returned in 1986, everything had changed drastically in West Palm Beach. I believe the old Polo Grounds Stables were torn down somewhere around 1990.
    I now live in South Carolina, but I still miss the “Old” West Palm Beach.

  20. David Carver Apr 5th 2013

    My family lived on 39th Court all my childhood. My brother and I went to Northmore elementary. My father owned Northwood Gulf for years. He then moved to Carver`s Exxon at 40th and Dixie, Many mornings and days were spent at Albrittons. I certainly remember Nell and Debbie and Gordon and Terry? I would be willing to bet I know Chuck Caldwell who speaks of Mr. Phillips at Palm Beach Public . One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Lively at Palm Beach High. A natural actor , he was the best History teacher I ever knew. I was blessed to know many prominent people there in PB Co. and believe this page is a great treasure to revealing a time long past. I too saw JFK up close and knew Paul Rogers and Hunk Anderson. Jamie Jameson was my fathers friend and we went to Palm Beach Country Day School. We graduated in 1972, and I will love Bruce Tufts until my dying day. I thank God for my experiences in Palm Beach County. Truly I was beyond fortunate to be raised and know the people I knew in Palm Beach County. .

  21. GEORGE FERGUSSON Mar 16th 2013

    In the early 1950′s, before TV, we kids spent Saturday at the Palace. Hours of cartoons and double features. Cowboys and scary Lon Chaney, Jr. flicks, like “The Wolf Man”.

    It’s funny how our memory works. I remember drinking ice cold water from the fountain at the Palms Theater. I went to the Rialto once, to see Gary Cooper in the “Iron Horse”, the movie about Lou Gehrig. The Florida, Surf and Carefree theaters came along a few years later.

    I’d like to have a dime for every dime hot dog that was served at the McCroy’s lunch counter.

  22. Peggy Peacock Ussery Mar 10th 2013

    I grew up on 48th Street, in Northwood. Attended Northmore Elementary, Northboro Jr. High, Central Jr. High, and went to Golfview for one year. My Grandmother lived in Westgate, and I stayed with her while my Mother worked two jobs, to support us 4 kids. My Brother’s, Dave and Kent introduced me to the Music Castors. We loved going there! Riviera Beach and the Causeway were one of our favorite hangouts. Now….Albrittons was a great place. I saw Sandy’s post, and she had a great Mother, Nell! Hanging around Northwood was so special to us.Don’t forget the “Skateland” on 25th street. After my Mother passed away, (1979) I would drive around there and the memories were so vivid. Times have changed, and Northwood has certainly changed. But the memories are still in my heart and mind. I live now out west towards Okeechobee. Many friends are still there, and I enjoy reading all the posts. Thank you for this opportunity! Best wishes! :)

  23. Lisa Michel-Addesa Feb 25th 2013

    I grew up in the Lake Osborne neighborhood in the 70′s and 80′s. I live in West Palm Beach now, but I still spend a lot of time in Lake Worth, especially the downtown area. I love Lake Worth, and am proud that I grew up there. I remember being able to stand out side my house on Cochran Drive and wait for the Trolley to come by and take my friends and I to Lake Worth Beach, for 25 cents! My mother had no problem letting us go by ourselves, and we were only 13 years old! We had some pretty incredible neighbors on that street: The Leon’s, Glennons, Einhorns, Riveros, and Rodriguez’s. People who you spent holidays with, who were like family to you. It was a good place to grow up.

    I went to Sacred Heart School and then Lake Worth High for 2 years and Wellington High for 2 years.

    I can remember driving down Lake Ave to the beach and then everyone being there in their low-rider trucks. Then we would drive back down Lucerne Ave to the gas station where we would eventually be run off by the attendant turning off the lights becuase we were jamming up the lot with too many cars. We would then turn around and drive back up the beach and just do that all night long. It was the best! Everyone you knew would be there.

    I can remember skipping school at lunch time and going to the Burger King on Dixie Hwy. Like our teachers had no idea what we had done as we sat in class with our Burger King cup in hand!

    I went by the beach the other day to see the new Casino buiding, which is beautiful! But, I have to say that I miss that old building, where I worked at the Fox Surf Shop when I was 19, and my best friend worked at the Ice Cream Shop next door that her Grandmother owned. The casino pool is now closed. We went to that pool for years, with summer camps and just on our own.

    I also remember spending alot of time at the Palace Skating rink which was on Lantana Road, and is now a childrens furniture store. So sad! I was big into skating and was even on the speed team for a while. I spent every Saturday there as a kid, then Saturday and Sunday nights as an adult. I even worked there for the summer after I graduated high school.

    And how about the Palm Beach Mall! It’s now being demolished to build a new outlet mall, which well be great, but I remember when it was the only mall in the area. It had that river with the bridges running through the middle of it. I still miss Burdines. That was my favorite store!

    Growning up during that time was wonderful, and I hope my daughter feels the same about this beautiful area that holds so many wonderful memories when she is older and looks back.

  24. Stetson O. Sproul Jan 31st 2013

    I personally haven’t lived in PB. I’ve visited family in WPB and PB. I love the historical aspects the most. I have a box full of family history dating way way back to the early days of Palm Beach and or around West Palm through the years.. My great grand father is Stetson O Sproul. his son was Stetson O Sproul Jr. My dad was Stetson O Sproul III, and I’m the 4th. I do know that my great aunt Lorraine was married to one of the Rybovich. I don’t have a lot of history on my family beyond pictures and here say. So if anyone knows something about my family history please comment. thank you.

  25. Jim Dempsey Jan 28th 2013

    Thomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home any more.” How true and sad that is, particularly in you grew up in the Hillcrest neighborhood in the ’50s and ’60s! Every time I try to research the old neighborhood it’s as though it never existed. All I come up with is dead-ends.

    So if anyone has any information to share (books, websites, etc.), I’d love to hear from them. I’d particularly like to know if anyone remembers the”Storyteller”, a lady who lived on Belmont Place in the ’50s and told stories to children in her home.

  26. sandi kilgoe maroon Jan 21st 2013

    i too grew up in wpb..my mother nell worked at albrittons for 32 years,,what a great place to grow up.. my sister debbie married john brymer,michael holden’s brother.. Sherry bickford is still my best friend along with margie jackson..those were the days,,,northboro elementary,and palm beach high 68.thanks for the memories.

  27. J. Ryals Demspey Oct 17th 2012

    I was reading the recent comment about the tunnels at Lake Worth Beach and recalled that I had many visits to that beach. I particularly remember the dances that used to be held (I think on the second floor) in the building across from the beach. I remember meeting MANY Lake Worth High girls there. It would be interesting to hear from some of them who might still be around. How about it, ladies?

    I also recalll fishing for pompano at the Lake Worth Pier, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as the dances!

  28. renee silvernail Aug 21st 2012

    LOL, I saw where someone had mentioned the tunnels at Lake Worth Beach. Yes, they were there right up through the 70′s. If you look close you can still see the outline of the Tunnel where it was closed off. I was On Lake Worth Bch a week ago (1st time in years) and you can still see where the tunnel was (: Ran back & forth in that tunnel many many times.

  29. read all the posts and not one mention of the Music Castors off Southern Blvd. with the paddle boats and the fire to cook hotdogs.One of the few places just for teenagers age 16 to 21 monitored by the sherriffs office usally by Mr.Hunter

  30. I was both delighted and saddened today when I discovered where I was on Sunday May, 14, 1961.

    My father was a golf pro that wintered in Palm Beach and summered in the northeast. Splitting his profession between two parts of the country allowed me to have two sets of friends. My Palm Beach friends, and my chums from Athol, Massachusetts.

    I have such fond memories of growing up in South Florida , especially Palm Beach! Today, I realize what a blessing it was to be able to start school in one part of the country and finish in another, but always attending the same two schools. Who could possibly forget eating a hamburger and fries at Hamburger Heaven. Mr. Schultze sure was a really nice guy to give me my first job there way back then.

    So many of us went to Palm Beach Public School; and later went on to Palm Beach High School, or in my case: Forest Hill High. How grand it would have been to keep in touch with everyone, but life always seems to choose our path, even if we think the choices are our own. Mine was the Army, then flight school, then Alaska for 32 years, and now (of all places) Texas~ Julie, my dear wife and I have been together now for close to 36 years. We have four children and five grand children and we are TOTALLY blessed that way!

    Julie survived ovarian cancer this past year and is presently cancer free! I am so happy she is still here; Praise be given!!! I fly jet aircraft all over the world and have an office with a view but nothing competes with coming home at the end of a flight! Life has its up’s and down’s, but when you’ve been blessed by someone you love, for better or for worse is never a real concern; you just do what needs to be done and move on.

    How amazing to fly a trip back to the Palm Beach area, or Boca, or even Fort Lauderdale (or was that Ft. Liquordale?). My; the changes there when driving west of 441!

    It seems like yesterday I was driving A1A in my old red Fiat, playing baseball coached by Mr. Phillips, and being one of the starting 5 on the basketball team when there were so many other gifted players attending our school.

    Is there anyone outside of me that remembers the day in 8th grade we learned Mr. Phillips would be teaching Sex Ed Class? I can still hear him calling out to me, “Charlie, you better get in your seat!!!” Really…, was I the only one that sanded one of those damn wood-working tables in his shop class… FOREVER! :-)

    Truth be known, I liked him, he was a good man. Probably because in baseball, he was determined that I was a pitcher. For anyone reading this with knowledge of back then, I have no hard feelings with your disagreement. True, I could throw the ball like a wizard. Except, when the girls would come to the game and sit behind the fence to watch; then, I couldn’t get the ball across the plate to save my beacon! (Which if any of you were around back then must certainly remember.)

    And does anyone remember the year Palm Beach Pubic School went UNDEFEATED in basketball under Coach Quigle’s reign–after so many years of defeat?

    But wait, this started out mentioning knowledge of my whereabouts on Sunday May, 14, 1961. I suppose it started with President Kennedy’s assignation. Like many, I too have followed the saga of history.

    As anyone of age at the time of his demise, I too knew exactly where I was that horrific day, but not the specific time. Only that I was in the Exuma Islands at Georgetown Grand, Bahamas and it was in the afternoon. Even at age 10, it was shocking and unbelievable! And that’s the sad part.

    My delight is in that while surfing the net today, I happened across the “Protective Survey Report” of Mr. Jon Halls who was a United States Secret Service Agent with the Department of Treasury during 1961; and was detailed to the Kennedy’s’ that year, specifically, in Palm Beach.

    As an adult, I have often mentioned in passing that once I had the good fortune of seeing President and Mrs. Kennedy in person. I could never imagine that one day I would be reminded of the exact day and time that meeting occurred!

    It was after Mass, while standing outside of St. Edwards Catholic Church in Palm Beach shortly after 10:40 in the morning. Well, it is my assumption that it was shortly after 10:40. But, it is certain that between 10:00 and 10:40 we were sitting in the pews at St. Edwards!

    So there you have it. I have found your blog and wish to thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my past and especially for taking the time to read my post here. Most Sincerely, Chuck Caldwell.

  31. Grew up in WPB from 1956 until the early 80′s. It was a much different place then, and I often wish I could go back to live it all again.

    Everyone has pointed out so many things I had forgotten. One of my favvorite memoires was Topfer’s BBQ on S. Dixie. To this day, I”ve never found better BBQ, especially the chopped pork sandwiches and Brunswick Stew. Donna did a great job (and was the biggest Dolphin fan I’ve ever known).

    Saw my first concert at the WPB Auditorium (Grand Funk Railroad) and several others (ELP, Yes,)

    Another memory was the large freighter stuck on Singer Island after hurricane Besty in the mid 60′s. Made for great surfing while it was there.

    WPB’s lost a bit of its charm, but I still visit often. Too many people now!

  32. Thank you so much! My memory feels a little less feeble now!

  33. Palm Beach Post Staff Researchers May 30th 2012


    Thanks for your comment. I mentioned your questions on our Historic Palm Beach Facebook page (www.facebook.com/historicpalmbeach) and received a couple of comments about tunnels under the road to the beach in Lake Worth and in Juno Beach.

    And I came across a photo on Facebook of Cato’s Bridge, an old wooden bridge to Jupiter Inlet Colony (at State Road 707 I believe). Several people who remember the bridge from the 1960s and earlier have left comments here too:

    Michelle Quigley
    Staff Researcher
    The Palm Beach Post | HistoricPalmBeach.com


  34. I was born at Good Sam in 1959 and spent the first 11 years of my life living in Palm Beach Shores. It really was an idyllic childhood and I missed it horribly when we moved across the country.

    All of these memories have brought back so many things I had forgotten! I just love reading all these stories.

    I have a couple of vague recollections that I am hoping someone may be able to help me with. All of my relatives who might be able to help me are long gone.

    1. There was a old wooden plank bridge that we used to have to take to visit some family friends. I hated that thing! I can’t remember where it was though — maybe to the Jupiter Inlet Colony? Can anyone tell me?

    2. We used to go to a beach where there were showers and maybe even a locker room on one side of the street then you went through a tunnel that led under the street to get to the beach on the other side. Where was this?

    3. This one is hard because I think I may be combining two things. Was there a big Egyptian Revival style movie theater somewhere (maybe Palm Beach) or maybe it was for live theater? I just remember a long outdoor covered walkway where we waited to get in. The thing that confuses me is I sort of remember seeing the film Cleopatra there so maybe my brain is playing tricks with me and combining two memories and I’m getting the architectural style wrong? Maybe it was in Palm Beach proper?

  35. Though I was from Oakland Park (Ft. Lauderdale), I usedto come to Boca to camp on the hill at the north side ofthe inlet. Just off A1A as it crossed the 1 lane bridge manned by Pappy Ashe and his 1-legged pelican Joe. Those were the days, catching trout and redfish in Lake Boca, getting our reels peeled when we snagged ole scarback, walking across the inlet after big storms.
    Oh well-now we have air conditioning –woopee!

  36. In reply to Jennifer’s entry on 2/17/2012, I think the ice cream shop was Purner’s (may be misspelled). They had the best Cherry Smash Cokes. And their coffee ice cream was a favorite too. The Salon of Music was the record shop down the street. I bought my first Monkee album there. Bennie’s, on the corner was a favorite place for lunch. My Dad swore by the healing powers of their chicken soup w/ a matzoh ball when he had a cold.

  37. Coletta Hughes Mar 17th 2012

    I dearly remember growing up in WPB in the 70′s. Late Skate at Galaxy out west on Southern Blvd. Skinny dipping at the shell pits. Keg parties all over the place. clamming barefoot, I used to think the Palm Beach Auditorium was the coolest place on earth lol. Bought our Levis at the Farmers Market, or played pinball next door to Charlies Chicken. Revise Levis on Military Trail ran by two 30 something hippies who sold bongs pipes cheap jewelry and used jeans lol. I actually worked in this place when I was 13… They would be in prison today for that lol. Great 98 in WPB sucked, but SHE was the one. The kiki on congress, The Infinity Disco on Dixie. The Detour, The Meeting Place was a dive bar but fun lol. The Duke was you last chance to get booze. Cruising Lake Worth Blvd and all the parties at Lake Worth Beach (Casino Beach.) All the beautiful huge Australian Pines that Used to be next to the old casino where the parking lot was when I left WPB in 1980. The drive in theater at the corner of Haverhill blvd and southern. Lil General Stores. There was an old neighborhood candy store I use to buy soda and candy at between Jeff Davis Jr High and The Ponderosa Steak House. There was an old arena behind Public by the polo grounds stables that I was told held wrestling matches. Use kids use to skateboard there in the early 70′s.

    The part that breaks my heart is how much I can still see and feel how safe WPB was before Carter let everyone mow the place over.

  38. Phyllis Mar 13th 2012

    I also was born at St. Mary’s Hospital and of native of WPB. I was reading all comments and on thing I didn’t see was THE HUT unless I missed it. Harvey’s BBQ and all the other places I miss. I went to Northboro, Conniston and Forest Hill. Most all my family went to Palm Beach High. I miss everything that was here and sometimes wish I could go back in time. Well, that is impossible. My father had a business on Northwood for many years. May’s Food Center. I remeber Sportsmen’s Pizza on Military Trail, Hamburger Heaven plus many more places and fun we had.

  39. Jennifer Feb 17th 2012

    LOVE reading all the posts! I lived in WPB from 1956-1969 and have so many good memories! My mother was a designer in Palm Beach in the 1960′s who had lots of Palm Beach clients and my memories include:
    Hamburger Heaven, Proctor’s Seafood, the Lido pool, Hamilton Park Pool, using RC bottle caps to get into the movies on Saturday, the WPB Library, volunteering at Good Samaritan Hospital, First Baptist Church – Dr. Jess Moody and going to Easter sunrise services at Chappel by the Sea, Belvedere Elementary ( I had Miss Dittman for 1st grade), Conniston Jr. High….good times! Also remember my mother taking me religiously to a place, I believe off of Military Trail called Music Carnival to see shows like South Pacific and Music Man. I took accordion lessons at Brendolians and remember my Cotillion…..the dread of having to ballroom dance with yucky boys:)
    We moved to Texas going into my freshman year of high school and I really never got over that – talk about culture shock! I totally lost touch with all of my WBP friends:(
    Remember so well buying Bass Weejuns at JC Harris (can still smell the leather smell of the store), remembering going to the fabric store just down from Harris with my mom and remember the smell of the fabric store and how it made my eyes water…lol. I remember the day President Kennedy was killed – I was in the 3rd grade. My Aunt Janie was the crossing guard for Belvedere Elementary and lived just across the street from the school on Parker Ave. We lived down Parker avenue towards Southern on Paseo Andorra.
    I took my daughter to WPB for her 21st birthday and drove her all around my old stomping grounds….amazing how I still remembered how to get around town! We went to the Flagler Museum, Hamburger Heaven and strolled around Worth Avenue. I took her to brunch at the Breakers – my mother and I frequented the Breakers……In my day, Worth Avenue was a ghost town in the summer months….
    Our neighbors on Paseo Andorra owned an ice cream shop on Royal Poinciana Way…can’t remember what it was called but remember going there and there was a record shop just down from the ice cream parlor.
    I am going to go through my pictures and will post some from the good old days!
    I also remember a store on Dixie Hwy where I used to buy the MANY pairs of Bernardo sandals we HAD to have and the Mister Pants. Also remember the many needlepoint monogram purses we used to make ……had a purse to match every pair of Bernardos I had….my poor mother – no wonder she worked 24/7 to keep me in Bernardos, Weejuns, Mister Pants, SRO pumps and all the other things we ridiculous teen age girls had to have….

  40. J. Ryals Dempsey Jan 24th 2012

    This is for Lynne: I’m thinking pizza at Testa’s which was a popular spot in Palm Beach.

  41. Cecelia (Cece) Deal-Williams Jan 23rd 2012

    I mom was born in West Palm Beach in the late 20′s and went to PB High along with her brother. Her father and grandfather (The Heisler’s) were real estate agents back then. Her father later went into the plant nursery business in Palm Beach Gardens. I too remember the Midget Market. I was talking about it the other day with one of my daughters about how cool that little store was. Since I lived in the neighborhood on 40th street, we neighborhood kids would especially love it when it rained because that whole lot was sand and it had these big dips in it that when it rained made these huge puddles that we loved to jump in. Oh, and Northwood Rec Center. Was there all the time either on the trampoline, playing ice hockey, or playing tennis and basketball outside. Back then you could walk all over the place until way after dark and not have to worry about a thing. You could leave your doors unlocked and your windows open. Everyone looked out for each other. I know on my block we had some older people that looked out for us kids. There was Mrs. Anderson, Ms, Hartyl, The Tylers, it was a wonderful place to live. Later in my teenage years, we hung out at “The Tree” on Northlake Blvd, cruised Singer Island, Double Roads. Cruised around with our friends. I worked at Bud’s on Northlake. Loved It. Great friends and Great memories!!

  42. Does anyone remember the name of the popular pizza restaurant in Palm Beach where kids would go on a date in the 60′s?

  43. Joseph W. Holness Dec 21st 2011

    Just wanted to wish all of us West Palm Beach Florida Natives & Converts (LOL) a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, wherever you are!
    Being a Florida Native of West Palm Beach who spent many a memorable holiday season of my younger years there during the 60s & 70s, there will always be found memories of how the town and my old neighborhood of Lake Clarke Shores turned-on the sincere holiday cheer. I always marked the beginning of the Christmas season by when the house on the other side of the lake would decorate their tall radio tower with multi-colored Christmas lights topped with a Big Bright Star which could be seen for miles. I loved the way the tower would reflect off of the lake waters and would sit there on our dock observing it as I fished & drank something hot to stay warm. Of course there was also the street decorations up & down the Dixie Hwy and on Clematis Street downtown which marked the beginning of the holiday season as well. Now I live in the Northwest US where we really do get white Christmases and can cut-down our own Christmas trees, but they will never hold a candle to those unforgettable Christmases of my younger years in the Sunshine State!

  44. J. Ryals (Jim) Dempsey Dec 12th 2011

    Well, I missed my annual pilgrimage to West Palm and am now feeling the worse for it. Particularly since I’m in upstate New York for several months and IT’S COLD AS HELL ALREADY! Then I just found out that Russo’s isn’t mailing sandwiches. I would give my right one for a Russo’s right about now.

    I noticed over the time I’ve been on this site that everyone says how much they liked growing up in WPB and how much fun they had. I know that’s true because my friends and I had more fun than anyone had a legal right to, even though we worked hard in school. We were always doing something or going somewhere or getting together for a party. Lots of times we were up all night, going fishing at Lake Worth Pier or Juno Beach Pier or Boynton Inlet or somewhere, coming home as the sun was coming up. I remember breakfast at the Sandspur restaurant in Lantana…wonder if that restaurant is still there? Does anyone know? At any rate, I don’t think the kids today are having too much fun. As a semi-retired teacher, I still see kids and a lot of them can’t get past their cellphones and their video games! What a boring existence!
    I still have hopes that I’ll hear from someone who lived in the old Hillcrest neighborhood or went to Belverdere Elementary or Conniston Jr. High. Can anyone out there relate?

  45. Cecelia (Cece) Deal-Williams Dec 5th 2011

    To Renee Silvernail-

    I believe I attended JFK Jr. High in the time frame you mentioned. I pray you don’t post that ugly picture of mine!!! I went there with my best friend Angie Birdwell at the time. Unfortunately, I can’t pull out my yearbooks, because they were lost in a move. But what was your last name back then, mine was Deal.

  46. Renee silvernail Nov 29th 2011

    CeCe Williams. I think we went to Kennedy Jr High together. I am going to get out the year books (: and post to Facebook. I attended 1976-1980. You?

  47. Cecelia (Cece) Deal-Williams Nov 2nd 2011

    To Marianne (10/06/2010)

    When did you go to Northboro Elementary? I too remember those God awful big yellow disgusting grasshoppers. They still give me the creeps! Me and my friends also went to Albritton’s for cherry cokes and hotdogs at the diner. I loved that place. I was just down there about a week and a half ago. It is now an empty lot. I sure miss it. Did you go to Northboro when Mr. West was there or Mrs. Wheeler was there? Thanks!

  48. Cecelia (Cece) Deal-Williams Nov 1st 2011

    I grew up in and around the 40th block of West Palm Beach. I went to Northboro Elementary in the early 70′s, JFK Middle, and NorthShore and PBG High School. I just returned to that area not too long ago and was sad to see how much the area had gone down. I know things change, but this was quite a shock. Not the neighborhood I remember at all. Did see Northboro Elementary though. Still pretty much looking the same except with all the gates around it. Not as open as it was when I went there. Nowadays all of the schools pretty much are gated up and with security. Such a different day and age. I loved that school, it was the best! Shout out to my favorite teacher of all from that time “Mr. West”. He was the coolest! Also did anyone go to Albritton’s pharmacy as much as me and my best friend Angie did? Back then you could walk anywhere as kids and not worry about anything. Collecting all of those empty soda bottles to take back to the store for the refund only to buy more candy in a little brown little bag to take to school the next day. Cinnamon toothpicks, yeah! Also I absolutely loved the Twin City Mall on the corner of Northlake and US 1, especially when Christmas came. They always set up those little christmas scenes throughout the mall. And you always had to get a slice of pizza and some Karmel Korn.

  49. Renee silvernail Oct 23rd 2011

    Well i was in W.P.B. last weekend for a benefit “Richard Scrugg’s Bowl-A-Thon” Talk about sad! The library in downtown is GONE, ALL neighborhoods on the west side of Flagler Dr across from the park have been demolished and it’s now just open trashed land with an ugly fence around it for many blocks! Driving down Broadway, you would be smart to stay in you’re car and keep the doors locked! My husband & I stopped to see our 1st apt at Walton Rd & Flagler Dr, and what we found was a parking lot where the apt building once stood ): I-95 through Palm Bch County, now looks like Miami!!! I returned home to Merritt Island seriously depressed!

  50. To: Seminole Manor stoner. It may have been the Glass Brothers.

  51. Seminole Manor stoner Oct 18th 2011

    Does anyone remember “Hot Nites in the South” off Belvedere Road there was Southern Rock Band , the _________ Bros.
    Any help on answering question on the name?

  52. Joseph W. Holness Sep 20th 2011

    To: Tom Holden

    You mentioned City Ice; my grandfather Walter Bostic managed the City Ice Plant back in the 60s & 70s era. He was also a Shriner and their Lodge was really close to the ice plant, the old Roller Rink and the Florida National Guard Unit. Lots of memories as a kid growing-up going to the Ice Plant and to the Shriner Lodge for BBQs and Pancake suppers. I also went skating at that old Roller Rink. My first job I got at thirteen sacking groceries at Publix. Made more on tips than I did my regular wage. Yeah, the West Palm Beach I remember from the 60s-70s & early 80s is no more. Of course that can be the case for most of Florida for that matter. Signed: Disgruntled & Saddened Florida Native currently living in the US Northwest.

  53. I lived in WPB off and on from my birth through age 10 (1949-1959). My family moved around several times each year (WPB, Fairbanks Alaska, Minot North Dakota, Georgia Avenue, Lantana, Lake Worth), so I went to school all over town.

    My first kiss was in third grade after school at Central Elementary. [Caroline, I have thought of you often over the years.] Hail to some outstanding teachers: Mrs. Hotchkiss, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Combs, among others. I am now nearing the end of a lifetime in the classroom and in administration.

    I returned to Georgia Ave a couple of years ago to find my Grandmother’s house cleared away along with the entire 600 block from Alice Best’s soda shop to the Campus Shop at the other end.

    One of our WPB stops was on 38th St, where a previous poster also lived.

  54. Rodney Remus Sep 13th 2011

    I am a native Delrayite and love this area to this day. What memories we have. Going to school without A/C and playing football on fields that had lots of sandspurs. Met a girl from WPB at an Episcopal Denery meeting at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. She was my date for my Senior prom at Seacrest Hi. If she’s still around, “Hi Babs” !

    Growing up during that time was quite a trip. It was like everyone was part of one big family. Everyone looked after each other.One didn’t have to lock their doors and I even earned my spending money selling the Miami Daily News downtown at the ripe old age of eight. Imagine that in today’s world .

    Back in the forties before anyone thought of condominiums and interstate highways, this sleepy little town where I grew up was a very different place.
    This lake smelled like the sewer it was. The races knew their places; and for some, the places were few. Ferryboats charged five cents; likewise bus rides.
    Schools were closed on cold days. The “season” began in January. Hotel George Washington was the grandest place on the west side of the lake. Clear Lake and Lake Mangonia were at the western edge of town and beyond them, known only by the most adventurous, stretched a vast vacant wetlands wilderness.
    Air conditioning could be experienced only at Burdines. I had to go to St. Petersburg to see my first escalator. At fourteen stories, the Harvey Building was our skyscraper; now it’s hard to find.
    The Saltair Hotel at Datura and Flagler is now only a faint memory. The movie theaters no longer with us are The Rialto, Arcade, Palace, Surf, Park (on Park Street. Does anyone else remember it?), and in Palm Beach, the Capri, and grandest and most missed of all, the Paramount. The Palms and Florida theaters remained later but are long gone.
    Throughout the city frequent deliveries were made by the ice trucks of Royal Palm and City Ice Companies.
    Unlike today, the garbage trucks were open and strong collectors would throw the cans up to be to be emptied by a good catcher standing atop the truck. Strangely, I don’t remember them smelling as bad as they do today.
    Does anyone remember the fire station on Datura Street across from The Post-Times building?
    We had an afternoon newspaper called The Palm Beach Times, long gone the way of most afternoon papers.
    Keeping me awake in the middle of the night would be the steam locomotives switching cars, and in the early forties, the continuous flights of B-17 flying fortresses heading for North Africa. It seemed like they would go all night, every night.
    That reminds me of the air raid drills. All neighborhoods had wardens to make sure no lights were visible.
    Later in the forties a boy’s highest aspiration was to have a Cushman motor scooter.
    What else could one ever want?
    And who can forget the rationing…sugar, meat, gasoline, tires. Those were the days!

  56. Wm. David Scott Aug 3rd 2011

    I went to northboro grade school,jr high school, palm beach high. We livied of 38th st. and then at 518 47th for many years. I worked part time at kwik check bag boy/ stock boy. Store manager was Papi Chanler. After school I went into the US Navy and in 1964-66 I was station at the Naval Reserve Training Center as a station keeper recruting office at port road. My mom worked at the Sears store for many years.There are many years in between growing up in West Palm and we had good times and bad but the best time was in West Palm. I am now living in the south of Spain but I still remember those days in West Palm and the good times we had.

  57. Susie Rambeau Aug 2nd 2011

    I was born and raised in West Palm Beach. Went to West Gate elem.I love the Halloween carnivals back in the 60″s.Love going downtown to the Fun shows at Florida theater,using RC bottle caps to get in.Proctor’s seafood,Sears town on Dixie and Belvedere,Skydrome drive in,Gaiety skating rink,Super slide,Pizzio’s,Henry’s,Outdoor store,Newberry’s,Albritton’s,Shorty;s candy store,West End Sundries,Trick shop on Clematis,Farmers Market,So many wonderful memories~~!!!My husband’s father worked many years at the Rivera Beach FPL plant,before that he worked at the old FPL plant in downtown WPB.(Sam Best).

  58. Renee Silvernail Jul 1st 2011

    This is to Jack Bennett. We MIGHT know each other. I ran the “Phillips 66″ Gas station in front of the port from 1980-1986 (Corner of Port Rd & US1) You remember “Jerry’s Market” where so many of us went for a quick lunch instead of using the Roach Couch. Did you know “RagDoll”? She owned the Roach Couch that took care of the port. I ask cause i can’t remember her real name ): My Grand parents owned “Capt Alex” across from the “Barnett Bank in Riviera Bch also.

  59. Jim Dempsey Jun 21st 2011

    After reading a bunch of new posts, I’m ready for a visit to old WPB. Living just 100 miles up the coast is like having a free pass in my hip pocket: just when I believe the world is going to hell, I can jump in my car and drive down! Maybe I’ll run into one of you guys at Russo’s this weekend.

  60. Jack Bennett Jun 20th 2011

    The old power plant at 59th and Broadway was taked down on the 19 of June 2011 a lot of good time at that plant.Fishing behine there I went to work ther in 1976 and still work for FPl a lot of good times in the old Northwood area and going to Northbore then to Nothshore

  61. g.craft Jun 18th 2011

    i grew up there in the 50 and 60′s, remember risking our lives to go to harvey’s bbq, all the mean tourists, forced to attend cardinal newman, all the rude stuck up people in palm beach, oh when the condos came in the 70′s the city just kind of lost its purpose, but they do film alot of cops episodes there, it was a cool place at one time like all of the stuff mentioned

  62. Dana Twiss Jun 17th 2011

    @Gloria, If I remember correctly the only May’s grocery was on Northwood Rd. between Spruce and Dixie, on the south side. I went to school with Phil and Linda May and we did some of our grocery shopping there as well as the Kwik Chek on Broadway and the Food Fair @ Northwood and Dixie.

  63. Renee Silvernail Jun 15th 2011

    Coming back to this site and reading the posts has gotten me thinking. I know we can never really go home again ): But you can try to at least get a small taste of days gone by. My daughter (22yrs old) has agreed to spend a weekend in W.P.B with me this summer. But INSTEAD of staying on the beach all day, She is going for a 2 day tour down Mommy’s memory lane, LOL. If the Okeechobee Steak house is still open we are going to have dinner (: , Walk the “Bike Trail” in Palm Bch behind the mansions, I wanted to take her to the old w.p.b. library but have been told it’s moved, is this true? Drive around Francis st & Parker ave area. Think it would be fun, just hope i don’t come back depressed as hell.

  64. Roy Elwell May 24th 2011


    I have enjoyed reading all the posts but found it particularly exciting when you mentioned the store I grew up in. My parents owned The Reef Card and Gift Shops on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth and the Palm Coast Plaza. Thanks for the memories!

  65. Jim Dempsey Apr 21st 2011

    Does anyone remember the “Storyteller”? This was a lady who lived on Belmont Place in Hillcrest during the ’50s and told stories to neighborhood children in her home. I remember going to her house when I was 8-10 and hearing her tell stories. I lived on Locust Street from 1951-1968.
    I’d love to hear from anyone who lived in that neighborhood and remembered her.
    Unfortunately, Hillcrest is no more: another victim of “progress”!

  66. Renee, Nedra & Dougs Last name is Obradvitch and they lived off Parker in WPB. I remember that they both were very beautiful inside and out. Never stuck up and always very pleasant.

  67. Joseph Holness Mar 11th 2011

    Doug & Nedra at Forest Hill ring a mental bell Renee; of course there were many “beautiful Falcon gals” at Forest Hill. Even though the years and travel away from West Palm Beach have been many, I still try and stay in-touch with those friends of my growing-up & younger years of my life there. Some are still there but others have moved-on.
    Some of my favorite times were hanging-out at the Palm Coast Plaza, especially when the little Shriner’s carnival would come there. My grandfather ran a hamburger stand at the carnival (Best D*MN grilled Hamburgers Around!). They would also have that really Kool Florida National Guard M42 Duster AA Tank there sometimes on display which I enjoyed crawling around on. I loved the Palm Coast Plaza because it had everything and it was somewhat close to Lake Clarke Shores where I lived. They had everything from Woolco, a hobby shop, eating places and a movie theatre, plus the IHOP by the spillway and the Arbys (when they really piled-on the beef in your sandwich!-LOL) across the street which we would go to after a visit to the beach or Lake Worth Pier to fish. I actually worked at a little Italian restaurant in the enclosed portion of the Plaza and the Publix there as well when I was in High School.
    Even though I know things have radically changed in Palm Beach County, I need to fly back down there for old times sake.

  68. Renee Silvernail Mar 10th 2011

    Joseph i believe “Doug” was the quarterback at “Forrest Hill HS” when you were attending there. He had a beautiful sister named Nedra. Anyone remember who i’m talking about, because i can’t remember thier last names.

  69. Remember the Cross County mall? Movie theater there, & at the Palm Beach mall and the Villiage Green off I-95?

    Before Motorola, the mall (Boynton) & cow pastures everywhere..

    Also the mall in Palm Beach Gardens had the best candy shop..

    And my FAVORITE movie theater was off Dixie Highway in Lake Worth just before Forest Hill, its now a Winn Dixie.. That place was GREAT, old red velvet drapes and a real nostalgic flair to it..

    I guess I spent a lot of time watching movies, lol.. A miss the Enquirer tree, sadly my kids will never know what that’s like… Ornaments bigger than our heads! And all the animated displays, everybody you knew would be there…

    Concerts at the South Florida fair were actually people (groups) we knew! Now…. and I’m only 40, I have NO idea who the musical groups are AT ALL.. ((shrugs)) lol

    Remember the end of the reining, Fred’s motel off 441.. My family had photos (1940-50s) of their Florida vacations (when it was a very nice place).. Then in the 80s the illegals shared 1 bathroom before it was finally condemned.. That’s when our area suffered a huge change.. All good things come to an end <— I never liked that saying.. : /

  70. 80sgirl Mar 2nd 2011

    I was born and raised in West Palm and Wellington in the 70′s and 80′s/ I swear there used to be an ice cream parlor on Dixie Hwy in WPB called Monkeys Uncle. Does anyone remember it?

  71. Ryan Nagel Mar 1st 2011

    Beulah Niles
    My name is Ryan Nagel the grandson of Harry Nagel owner of the Blue Heron Docks. I was going through some old pictures and i think I have some of your boat”ranger”. I was wondering if you had any pictures we could exchange of the original blue heron docks so i could share with my family. Thanks so much. ryan@blueheronfishing.com

  72. I lived aboard Jack Gray’s 42 ft. Matthews just south of the Royal Poinciana Bridge in WPB in the winters of 1961, 62 and 1963. Took my first swimming lessons as an 8-year old at Lido Pools. I loved spaghetti at Testa’s (and recently discovered that they’ve not lost their knack!) and by the late 60′s, blooming into a gangly teenager, (jack was then on a 62-foot cruiser at 8th St. dock) I got flying lessons at Tilford’s, PBI south tarmac. Briefly attended PB Private School and PB Public, but my main schooling was up north so I was not the best student.

  73. Beulah Niles Feb 20th 2011

    for awhile in early 1960-61? my grandfather George had a “trampoline court” near Blue Heron Blvd on A1A, anyone remember it? I’ve got some old Riviera Beach, etc photos somewhere and will post ‘em soon!

    we had the chartboats RANGER and TOO MUCH, they were docked at Blue Heron docks at the bridge and then at Layton’s.

    we also had 2 old PT Boats, one had “109″ painted on it and was left original parked out front of Layton’s awhile,and the other one was converted into a cabin cruiser and painted white and docked north of the Layton’s gas dock.

  74. Beulah Niles Feb 20th 2011

    oh! the innocent childhood wonderful FL memories! that welding shop that was tucked in on the east side of AIA just north of the road to go back into the Port.. I bet I wasn’t even 5 yrs old the first time I was taken there about 1960, and I sat in the car while my grandfather had something welded for the boats..(it’s a wonder I am not blind after being so fascinated by the welding) … the place had a big broken-in-two red heart painted across the wall over the bay doors facing the street, and it said “WE FIX EVERYTHING BUT” .
    between that and the Layton’s Park RESTAURANT sign, the truck trailers parked at the Port, and the Layton’s Park fish case, I was one weird experienced little speller in 1st Grade.
    Nozzle Nolan elephants parked by what I thought of as the submarine place (LP fuel propane tank storage) next to Layton’s. then was what, Spanish courts? and the A&W. further down was a shell shop?? across the street was a dive shop, past the Sea&Ski bottle drugstore. ..
    I remember LOTS of crackling tropical colored neon signs, but the one that I sure remember is a big hammer on a building in downtown West Palm.

  75. Beulah Niles Feb 20th 2011

    I can’t believe I found this site! I was reminiscing over postcards on ebay.. I grew up in the late 1950s-60s in Layton’s Park,
    my grandfather George had charterboats there and at Blue Heron.
    I came back when I could in the 70s, and in 1981, I came back “home” alone and after a few weeks on the beach at Bahia Honda, lived in my truck off Juno at Double Roads for a month ..and at night after checking on my elderly grandparents, I sat invisible in the Tiger Paw and listened to the Hughie Burns band. After he played a certain song one evening I made up my mind about my Entire Future and I left that night and drove straight thru back to a cold snowy Chicago.. and altho I sometimes desperately miss Florida with all my heart, I’ve never regretted having to leave it for the Love of my Life.
    I’m glad to hear Hughie is still rockin’ ‘em out, and I will be sure glad to buy some CDs too if he has any..

    I miss the long expanse of Singer Island beach burning my bare feet and the Dairy Belle and the blue sno-cones at the Phil Foster park (north side) and I miss it raining straight down across docks and watching the rain marching towards me, I miss the big Sea&Ski bottle on top of that drugstore. ( I don’t miss the A1A asphalt sticking to my bare feet if I ran over there to buy something for my grandma..) … Morrison’s(?) Cafeteria with my grandfather and cherry pie, an ice tea with lemon, and turkey & mashed potatos.. a big treat.

    mostly, I miss that warm salt smell of high tide, the diesel fuel smell from the Port, the plump chug of the boat exhaust hitting the water with each swell, the underlying wifts of fish and low tide, the fine white sand in my shoes, and the whisper of the pines overhead.
    I know, “you can’t go home again.”

  76. David, Hughie’s my husband. Still playing…you need to come out sometime.. They’ll be at Boonies on the 25th. Email us if you like…..

  77. Renee Silvernail Feb 8th 2011

    Of Course we do David ” Loxahachee Momma’s baby. LOL. Cause my Grandma Merle Ulber & her Best Friend Pearl Tamlin are the original Mommas (: My husband Fred Bamber damn near lived there in the early 80′s. Before he met me.

  78. David Dunton Jan 22nd 2011

    Anybody remember Huey Burns and the County Line at Tigers Paw?

  79. Joe Sarvas Dec 31st 2010

    Oh Yea I almost forgot ONE KING BURGER ONE PRINCESS Pup. Blizzard and Burgers was another great place to eat. Some others were Corkys Pronti’s, Buds and Lou’s Soup and Subs, Lum’s and Shakeys Pizza. I moved back to PSL three years ago just in time for Moroso to be turned back to Palm Beach Internatioal Raceway. That’s a few more of my memories of growing up in PB county.

  80. Joseph W. Holness Dec 16th 2010

    “Well I thank God many times that I grew up in the WPB area at the time I did I had a lot of good times and the best of friends and would not have traded it for the world.”

    AMEN to That Joe!-AMEN! I feel the same way. I wouldn’t trade those days for the world!

  81. Joe Sarvas Dec 14th 2010

    I stumbled on this site by accident and am I glad I did. I moved to WPB in 62 and lived in West Gate an Shawnee Ave. I think there is a carpert warehouse where our house stood you can see it from Okeechobee Rd. My Dad worked at P&W and on Friday nights he would bring us hotdogs from the Okeechobee Steak House.They were a little weird because the hotdogs were split and were on Hamburger buns but they were goood. There was a little store on Okeechobee Rd called Fred and Wills were I used to go get candy. It was just east of the Okeechobee Steak House. I also remember going to I think it was called June’s on West Gate Ave to get Cigs for my Mom with just a note and a gallon of milk in a glass jug. I went to West gate Elementry for second grade where Mr. Burkhardt was the princible and my teacher was Mrs.Tolman. The next year we moved into a new house in Gramercy Park. Man we thought we were big shots comming from West Virginia and buying a new house. It was great living out there kinda of in the woods but close to town. The first year I went to Riveria Beach Elementry and had Mrs. Phillips for third grade. She was also from WV so we got along good evn though she could be a little mean at times but that was teachers back then when they ruled the kids and not now days when the kids rule the teachers. The next year I went to Grove park Elementry. The first morning on the bus after it picked us up it stopped on Military Trail just North of 45th St. I looked down this what seemed to be a long dirt road to se a cxloud of dust comming up the road it stopped and the end of the road and outm from the drivers seat jumped John Upthegrove> His cousin designed Grove Park. We became good friends and are still in touch today. Of course High School ment North Shore and we had a good times there. We used to get lunch at a little sub shop called The Chicken Box on Dixie Hwy North of 45th St I think it was before we went to class at North Tech where I took Auto Mechanics with Mr. Millington and Mr. Stricker. It was a blast going there. Me and Johnny Thomason used to get up on Sat. and Sun. mornings and ride our motorcycles to LW beach and then A1A and Dixie to Singer Island and then to Juno Beach. We used to stop at all the C stores along the way to have a beer. Proctors and Russo’s were my favorite places to eat. When I go back Russo’s is the first place I get food at then I go to Phil Foster Park and eat. Man has Phil Foster changed. I used to do a lot of fishing up at Dubois Fish Camp it is nice now but I prefer the old Dubois. another place we used to go to as teenager was camping at the shell pit on dillman Rd. Of course we spent many hours on beach and swamp buggies and airboats. Kids now days just dont know a good time outdoors to many video games to keep them inside poor things. Well I thank God many times that I grew up in the WPB area at the time I did I had a lot of good times and the best of friends and would not have traded it for the world.

  82. J.Ryals Dempsey Dec 9th 2010

    I was just reading the 12/9 post from Joseph Holness. I remember the Outdoor World store well-used to get all my fishing tackle there. I knew both of the Elkins’ boys whose family owned that store. In the ’60s we lived in the 300 block of Monroe Drive just down the street. I also remember the Dairy Queen right next to the Outdoor World-one of my dad’s favorite stops! You may remember that the old Dixie Drive-In (DDI) used to be on the southeast corner of Monroe Drive and Dixie Highway. That was just up from the old Food Fair (later the Pantry Pride). God, am I getting more nostalgic the older I get (I’ll be 68 next March)!

  83. Joseph W. Holness Dec 9th 2010

    Oh, one more thing Renee; as far as the Bait & Tackle Shops go I remember Tuppens on the Dixie Hwy. My dad used to off-shore tournament fish and frequented Tuppens for gear, tackle and other marine supplies. I also worked at Outdoor Sports World / Sportsman??? and Publix during my High School yrs.. There was also that old tin shack bait & tackle place called: Prescotts on Forest Hill Blvd. where I would ride my bike to for bait & fishing gear. I think Prescotts got wiped-out along with many other childhood memories / haunts in the name of “Progress” Blaaah!

  84. Joseph W. Holness Dec 9th 2010

    Hello Renee, how are you?
    Those last names (and your first name) sound familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll be turning 51 yrs. old on: 25 DEC 10; perhaps thats why I can’t remember / “put my finger ” on those last names-LOL. I’m a Florida / Palm Beach County Native who grew-up in Lake Clarke Shores. I went to Meadow Park Elementary, King’s Academy, Lake Worth Christian School and Forest Hill High. I went to college in Texas and abroad during my military days. I’m now retired from the military & living in the Northwest US. I am the youngest of five sibblings: 2-Brothers & 2-Sisters. My father used to own a Ford Dealership in West Palm Beach called: Holness Ford, but that was many-many-many moons ago. My mom’s side of the family came over from France & settled in Texas, Louisiana and Florida (Cajun Blood-Aiiieeee!). My grandmother had a home on stilts in the Everglades and that side of the family had lots of property in Florida that went way back before Florida’s Boom Days. Hope that was helpful. In any case, Have A Wonderful Holiday Season.

  85. Renee Silvernail Dec 8th 2010

    Baba if your out there, PLEASE check the photo archives in the next few days. I feel confident you are gonna beable to help me wuth the names of some of the guys in the photos i post late tonite (:

  86. Renee Silvernail Dec 8th 2010

    Joesph how old are you?? I have a feeling we know eachother. To many of the same memories. Does the last names “Ulber” mean anything? Or maybe the Barbeers? Serreas? Holbrooks? Let me know.

  87. Renee Silvernail Dec 8th 2010

    I’m going to go ahead load the photo’s i have from the 60′s of the group of boys who hung out at my Grandparents “Bait & Tackle Shop”. Maybe someone out there will see themselves or a friend. I will post around midnight tonite. My grandfather passed back in 91 and i am taking care of grandma these days. Sadly because she is sick now, she is having trouble remembering the name of the shop.
    The shop was in the Lantana area, with charter fishing going out of the backdoor. (The Lanrana/Boyton Inlet area). So if you were a young boy in the 60′s growing up in that area, please watch for my photo’s late tonight.

  88. Palm Beach Post Staff Researchers Dec 7th 2010


    I found a few stories mentioning gigs the Rhythm Rockers and the Continentals played in the late 1950s and early ’60s. You can see links to the stories from historic archive of The Palm Beach Post and the Palm Beach Daily News if you go to this link: http://bit.ly/bundles/michquig/1

    Michelle Quigley
    News Researcher
    The Palm Beach Post and HistoricPalmBeach.com

  89. Lori Curl Jones Dec 6th 2010

    Just wondering if anyone remembers anything of these two bands.. one was the Continentals and the other was the Rhythm Rockers… my dad Billy’ “Gator” Curl was a piano player and singer… he is in poor health now and i would love to have some feedback from anyone who remembers them… he is now 75..my mom said he could play piano like Jerry Lee Lewis… i think it would put a smile on his face to see if anyone remembers them …. it would defineately put a smile on mine…. my email address is ljsgreenthumb@aol.com

  90. Paul Lange Dec 2nd 2010

    I grew up in North Palm Beach, having moved there with my parents as a 3year old in 1957. I have many fond early memories,and enjoy learning more details about our local history. I remember going to the the beach and parking under the pines,where later a Holiday Inn would stand.(next to the Public beach) on Singer Island. After our stay at the beach, we would drive to the northeand along A1A and get a bite to eat I think by burnt bridge, at a small place, I vaguely remember this place, hardly a restaurant, more of a fast food/ hamburger place. The owners had a large Collie ( Lassie ) dog. Can you help me on the name and any details about this early sandwich stand?
    Thanks for your help.
    Paul Lange

  91. J.Ryals Dempsey Nov 15th 2010

    God, did you guys bring back the memories! We moved to WPB the year I was born (’43). My first school was Belverdere Elementary (MISS Dittman-1st grade!), and I later went to Conniston in the south end. Tecahers there I remember were Mrs. Love (English), Mr. Tyndall (shop), Mr. Moss (science), Mr. Cobb and Mr. Barshell (math), and Mrs. Brazil (sp?)-the Principal. We lived on Locust St. in Hillcrest-that’s all gone now-what a sad sight! But both the El Vedado Park and the clubhouse are still standing. I remember playing baseball there for what seemed like every day of my life after school! My father worked for Newport Industries in Belle Grade, and my mother later worked for Burdines downtown. I remember all the movies: the Palms, Florida, Carefree, and Surf, and I also recall a Coral Theatre, which later changed its name. The Hut was the biggest thing around-I remember winding up in the back of some girl’s Volvo the night I turned 21-we had been partying all night! I also recall Peanut Island, the Palm Beach pier, Ingram’s Grocery on Belvedere, Lido Pools, Wert’s, Hudgin’s, and Proctors. Our first house was on Westwood Road, right around the corner from Proctor’s and the A & P. Someone mentioned the soapbox races on Datura-I remember those, as well as the band that used to play at the train station (Seaboard). There was a guy with a washboard and thimble and a guy on bass. We used to take the train to Savannah or North Carolina every summer.
    My first job was selling newpapers in front of the old post office on Olive Ave. and I later delivered papers for the Palm Beach Post and the Miami Herald. In high school I worked for Tsghirgi Construction for two summers, S&H Green Stamps in Northwood and next to Publix on Southern Blvd., and later for Pratt-Whitney before I went to PBJC. I went to the University of Florida and then went to Vietnam with the Navy in 1967. I moved to Rhode Island after that and back to Florida in 1990.
    Some things I remember most were friends and fun and having lots of both. Drive-in movies, dances at the LW Casino and the American Legion, fishing on LW Pier, Layton’s, and at Boynton Inlet, the Sandspur restaurant in Lantana, dating girls from Lake Worth High, shopping at Cy’s and Burdines on Clematis Street.
    I just live up the road in Melbourne, so I’m coming down for some Russo’s next month. I could probably eat about ten of them. It’s been a while. Love to hear from you if you have similar memories! Bombaykit@yahoo.com

  92. Caryn Coyle Nov 8th 2010

    I wrote about attending Mass at St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Palm Beach when President Kennedy attended as well. The essay was published here:


  93. TGCoombs Oct 18th 2010

    I greatly enjoyed Walter’s post about the origins of the Dreher Park Zoo. I remember a lot of good times at the park, the zoo, and the Science Museum. I remember Joey the kangaroo, too, but didn’t know he had such a colorful past! Toppy the elephant, too, brings back the old days. I have one small correction to Walter’s story, though — the million trading stamps was not S&H Green Stamps, but rather, Top Value Stamps, hence, Toppy’s name. Remember the rotating elephant sign at the Top Value store on Dixie that was destroyed in one of the hurricanes? I remembered this because, even though I was only about 8 years old, I had a small part in the zoo opening’s extravaganza: I was the winner of an art contest to draw a picture of the elephant. I don’t remember what the prize was, but I got my picture in the paper!

  94. Dana Twiss Oct 12th 2010

    Whoa, so many things, Layton’s Park, Stewart’s Drive-In, the Riviera Beach Drive Inn (saw Mary Poppins there, among others), the Port of Palm Beach-we used to ride bikes all over the place there along with fishing off the piers, Munyon’s Island, Little Munyon, Lambert’s Island (a sandbar north of the Blue Heron bridge), snook fishing and coming home with 3-4 30lb snook, fishing for sheepshead off the old Blue Heron bridge, The Hut, duck hunting in the area that became the Palm Beach Mall. Greta, I played quite a few concerts with your dad in the portable band shell @ Howard Park-many, many good memories of Rudy! The days when Okeechobee Road ended at 441, no I-95 and taking Congress to Boca to get to FAU, downtown shopping in the days before the mall-with segregated bathrooms, water fountains and lunch counters; Savoia, Mama Gilda’s, Hudgins and Proctors restaurants; Russo’s Subs (just got a care package from home with 6 of them!), West’s Bakery in Northwood, Bader’s Bakery and Cheesecake on Military Trail, the Farmer’s Market, the Wednesday “kiddie shows” at the Florida and Palms Theatres; also the Bazaar International that has already been mentioned, Musicaster @ the Bazaar. Lot’s of memories.

  95. Joseph W. Holness Oct 9th 2010

    The only old tackle shop that comes to mind was Prescott’s Bait & Tackle Shop on Forest Hill Blvd. near Cushmann’s Citrus Co.It was a tiny tin shack-looking place. There was also a Crusty’s Pizza near there as well, along with that great steakhouse the Nags Head. I used to ride my bike (before I could legally drive) up to Prescotts B & T all of the time for fishing bait and gear. I grew-up in Lake Clarke Shores 59-78. Tuppens Tackle & Marine (near the old Bud’s Fried Chicken place) was another place we would go for fishing & boating gear. Speaking of food, anybody remember Toppper’s BBQ and those Great hush-puppies? I used to hang-out with the owner’s son who also lived in Lake Clarke Shores.

  96. Renee Silvernail Oct 8th 2010

    Would anyone out there remember, the old tackle shop off Lantana rd. I know that the charter fishing went out of there, and a large group of young boys hung out. It would have been the 60′s. I ask because My grandparents Arthur & Merle Ulber owned the place for awhile and i have LOTS of pictures of this young group of kids that hung out there. I would love to post them for you, if you think i’m talking about you, please post and i will load the photo’s (:

  97. Renee Silvernail Oct 8th 2010

    LOL, Terry is actually living in a apt complex over looking Lake Osbourne & John Prince. He is doing great. See him next week and asking him about that game board (:
    To Marianne, WOW, i thought i was the only one who remembers “Northmore”, and “Northboro”. I went to both. Was Mrs Holley in the front office when you went there? I also grew up on Francis st, only a few blocks from Nottingham. The boys use to chase me with those HUGE Grasshoppers. When was the last time anyone saw a firefly? I ask because just like the grasshoppers, during the summer the night air was filled with them on Francis St in the 70′s.

  98. Marianne Oct 6th 2010

    I grew up in the Northwood area in WPB. I remember when the Bazaar International was built and we could go up the elevator to the top and see forever. That’s what we thought. I went to Northmore and Northboro and Palm beach High. Miss Powell was our music teacher at Northboro. There are so many things worth remembering about Northwood. The kids use to hang out at Albrittons Drug store. We would also take the bus downtown to shop at Burdines, Belks and Anthony’s. McCrory’s was another one of my favorite places because my best friends mother was the manager of the lunch counter.

  99. Joseph W. Holness Sep 24th 2010

    WOW Renee, I do remember that PDQ Kwik Shop Drive-through behind the Publix. I used to work at Publix when I was in High School (Forest Hill) and would stop in at that PDQ after work for a BIG ICE COLD BOTTLE of Coke when they still sold them in glass bottles. My grand parents lived on Knottingham St. near that Publix and the Italian-American Club (which we would go to for great all-you-can-eat dinners!). When we were kids and stayed with the grand parents, we would walk up to that Publix, S & H Greenstamps Store, Grants Dime Store and sometimes down to the Dreher Park Zoo. By the way does anybody remember all of those HUGE GRASSHOPPERS which came around in droves during the summer months? They were thick as mustard in my grand parent’s neighborhood. Lots of found memories of my youth there during the 60s and the 70s. I really wish somebody would publish a book w/pictures of West Palm Beach during the 60s and the 70s. No offense to those who live across the bridges in “Palm Beach”, but you guys & gals already have a lot of published works done about your world-LOL!

  100. I was born in Good Samaritan, and my Mother Margaret Powell was born in Pahokee. Her Mother Ora “the hat lady” came to Canal Point in the early 20′s from GA. My mother just told me that there used to be a “Beach Club” on Singer Island in the early 60′s run by Bose Levins. He also ran a “Glades Club” out west. Perhaps this is the bar that Dianne Dorsey Levtchenko mentions in her post about Gus the bartender? Would love to know more if anyone can recall…

    I grew up in Lake Park and I too remember Saturdays @ Peanut; eating at Woolworth’s Lunch Counter; my father conducting outdoor concerts @Howard Park & on Flagler in a seersucker suit; when Pumphouse was THE surf break; movies, Orange Julius, Pantry Pride, Worldwide Gifts & “Bruce” @ the Twin City Mall; movies at the Carefree; Christmas in Dixie parades; the original Park Ave BBQ; Suncoast Charger football games; “Army, Navy, Airforce…Beach!; popcorn shrimp @ HoJo’s in Juno; an A&W next to the Spanish Courts in Riviera; whoop-de-doos in a truck where Kmart & the Gardens Mall are now; Reggae concerts @ the Colonnades; Hydrosliding via ATV on Ski Beach; the breezy, evening ride home from Delray on the middle seat in the VW bus…”wake me up when we get to the tower!” (Mar-a-lago Estate)

  101. Hello Renee Silvernail. I knew your uncle Terry from John Prince Park. I remember he created a board game about the occurence’s at the park. He seemed to be quite an intelligent guy. How is he doing? Good, I hope. Ah the good old days and nights of Lake Worth. Paradise on earth.

  102. Renee Silvernail Sep 10th 2010

    Enjoyed reading the new posts (: I had forgotten about my Tennis Lesson’s at Phipp’s Park (1973-1975). The Wuv’s, ect. As for Juno, It was Double Roads, and the A&W Rootbeer was at Southern & Parker. Unless there were two of them? Anybody remember hanging out at the “PDQ Kwikshop” behind the publix at Parker & Southern? Every girl in my neighborhood had a crush on a guy there named John (: As times get harder, it’s even more enjoyable to let go of all the stress & fear and go back in time. I was thinking the other day about the movie “Peggy sue got married” and thought, WOW so damn much really has changed!!! I mean there was no internet, microwaves, cell phones, big screen TV’s, ect. If you could step back there today, and explain this to someone in the 60′s or 70′s they would put you in the rubber room real quick LOL.

  103. Anyone remember the story they would tell at Knollwood Groves that the actors who played Amos and Andy founded the grove – turns out not to be true – read the full stoey here – http://www.palmbeachpast.org/?p=108

  104. Dianne Dorsey Levtchenko Sep 2nd 2010

    I love reading these. Here are my memories: My dad’s insurance agency on Datura. The Rocking Chair Theater on PB Lakes. The big fun slide near the Rocking Chair off PB Lakes. All the stores along Lakeview, including Virginia Melvins, where my mom would shop, and Parapluie, where I would shop.

    Horsefeathers disco in Lake Worth and Ricky D’s Lounge on Belvedere. Dual Roads in Juno, Greenhouse on Flgaler and Singer Island, Rosarian Academy from 1974 to 1978. Peter Dinkel’s in Palm Beach for Bloodies and Backgammon, the Sailfish Club and my first Bossa Nova cocktail, New Year’s Eve party in Palm Beach where my date drove a LeCar.

    Riding our bikes to the IHOP at Palm Coast Plaza for breakfast. Phipps Park for tennis lesson from 1965 to 1972 with Whitney Powers, the minitaure train ride and merry-go-round at the park. McLaren’s Flowers on South Dixie (still there), Ranch’s Drugstore, replaced by Rhythm Cafe now (they still have the original Ranch’s lunch counter!).

    LaCoquille Club in Manalapan in the summers with their awesome pools and hamgurger grills (now replaced by the Ritz Carleton). The big tower at the old shopping plaza where the overpass for Trpoical Shipping is now.

    My mom and I wearing matching terry cloth shift dresses (Mom, what we you THINKING?), going to a store on Sunrise in Palm Beach to get my Rosarian uniforms and loafers. A club on Singer Island where Gus the bartender would make me Shirley Temples with little flourescent plastic monkeys on the rim.

    Modeling classes at Maizie Murphy Klein’s in Palm Beach, Proctor’s Shrimp Creole, Hamburger Heaven in Palm Beach, the safe feeling you would get in the cozy old West Palm library when a big storm was coming in and you could watch it safely from behind the floor-to-ceiling windows.

  105. mary brown Sep 2nd 2010

    The hut that had the best fried chicken and fresh biscuits, the pier at Palm Beach. How about Deep Sea fishing. How I remember chapel by the lakeand Dr. Moody.
    No, WPB is not the same but, we are fortunate to have the good memories.

  106. esther Aug 29th 2010

    Did anyone go to military trail elementary school. Alot of us rode our bikes to school or walked. I had great teachers like Mrs. Backus, Mrs, Kisco, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Geddes, Mrs. Hobbs, and Mrs. Murphy. Remember the school patrols? I can remember even praying at lunch time.

    I remember there was an A&W rootbeer stand not too far from the school on the corner of Okeechobee and Military Trail.

  107. i am a snowbird that used to spend 2 months per year in old WPB. i just loved the following;
    -lionel’s playworld on military train
    -BBQ ben’s on the trail
    -The Greenhouse; i collect cocktail arcade games because of that place
    -WUVs on okeechobee
    -the old theatre on okeeechobee and old steakhouse (now the bmw dealer)
    -the old cross county 8 theatre; i saw animal house when i was 8. played at the arcade every chance i got
    -THE entemann’s “outlet”.

  108. Lantana 60′s: The… Baseball park, Ye tower, Dairy queen, Park next to bridge, Publix shopping center, Water tower, Noontime siren, Dinasour, 7-11 market, Crab island, Tennis courts, Seminary, Carson’s cozy corners, Cemetary, Grace’s market, Orange grove’s, Woods, Boat yard, All the innocent people.

  109. Eddie Jansen Aug 18th 2010

    The Hut 1969. I was there a couple of weeks before The Woodstock Festival. New York had East Villlage. San Francisco had Haight Ashbury, but West Palm Beach had The Hut. My introduction to Counter Culture Movement of the 1960′s ! I remember some people Jeff Gillenbach ? Had a Road Runner. A wise guy ;but,
    funny guy with red hair named Benny, and a memory of picking up and going to a party with the beautiful woman to this day. A blonde. I remember at the party hearing Good Times Bad Times by Led Zepelin for the first time. Wow ! It sounded so good;so magical ! Peach. Blue Flats,and Grreen Flats. Acid . Blonde Hash. To this day never had better. I went back a few years ago. It’s gone. Any body remember a skinny kid from NYC back then named Eddie ? Thats me. E-mail me. Emjansen@yahoo.com Anybody remember Jeff Giilenbach with his Road Runner ? Any memories ? I would like to hear your Hut stories. Peace and Love to all my Hut brothers and sisters.

  110. Palm Beach Post Staff Researchers Aug 10th 2010


    I’m not related to the Mr. Quigley who was a bigwig in the area during the 1970s, but I have heard of him — Jim I think is his first name. I lived in Wisconsin then, and all my Quigley relatives are in the upper midwest. I do have a beautiful mother though, the kind of beautiful people remember and still take note of!


  111. Renee Silvernail Aug 10th 2010

    Laura you brought back so many wonderful memories i had forgotten. As i have said in previous posts, so much has changed it can be hard to remember it all ): I spent many a summer at the end of “D rd” in Loxahatchee running around with the Tamlins. Pearl Tamlin was/is best friends with my grandmother Merle Ulber. Is the Nudest Colony still out there? Loved taking the horses and going to the A&G Market. Those roads out there to forever to get anywhere!! All dirt roads, filled with potholes. Wondered if they ever got around to paving any of them. I remember when Gary Tamlin lost his life on “D Rd” and My Uncle lost a leg because they could’ent get an ambulance out there, and had to send in a chopper. I’m sure there were others ): So many loxahatchee memories i have are mixed bag of wonderful & Devastating.

  112. Renee Silvernail Aug 10th 2010

    Michelle Quigley. You would’ent happen to be related to the Mr Quigley who was a bigwig in West Palm Beach during the 70′s would you? I was just a kid, but i went to the Boy’s & Girl’s club with his daughter. Can’t remember the daughters name, i do remember that the Mom was beautiful, so beautiful that even as a lil girl i was in awe of her. Just curious (;

  113. Pghjim Jul 22nd 2010

    I remember moving to South Florida in 1954 and entering West Palm Beach on US One. It was a beautiful drive with Phoenix palm trees lining the road down to 23rd St. Then going east to Dixie Hwy without any trees and it made WPB look like a dump. Enjoyed taking the kids to Phipps Park on Dixie Hwy and have them ride the miniature train that ran under a big Banyan tree and the carousel next to it. Motor boating at night on Lake Worth produced bright trails of fluorescence in the water. Good memories of starting what was probably the first aluminum can drive in WPB at Belvedere Elementary School. An area was fenced off at the back area at the old school and it smelled like a brewery from a block away.. $4,000 was raised from the cans and 10 Whispair air conditioners were bought from Westinghouse. Ten class rooms were air conditioned and smaller a/c’s were bought for the offices. The next year the cafetorium was air conditioned by the School Board for $125,000. I remember the pier at Worth Avenue and it was probably the last time there were public restrooms for the public beach. I remember seeing the old court house in 1954 and how the new wrap-around gave the building a new look in the 60s. Now the building has been returned to its original setting of 1916. It was fun going to downtown WPB and visiting the public piers. You could buy fresh fish right off the fishing boats. I remember attending a wedding reception at the old Women’s Club where the new $30 million park is now located. The Women’s Club was said to be a treasure and never would be torn down. I guess that wasn’t right. Going to the Farmer’s Market on Congress was always a treat and we used to watch Chuck Curcio change tires at his little tire shop and later built his business up to Tire Kingdom. A thrill I had was participating in the Gold Coast Marathon boat race. It was a 2 day affair that started with a LeMans start at Pelican Island on the 79th St Causeway in Miami. The halfway point was The Flotilla Club at 49th St and North Flagler Drive. People lined up on the bridges and on the shore between the two cities. Too bad that race can’t be run any more. My first try at surf boarding was at Ocean Ridge on an 8 ft wooden Hawaiian surf board. Never tried surfing again.

  114. Joseph Holness Jul 20th 2010

    Speaking of “landmark / iconic people” who wandered the streets of Palm Beach County, does anybody remember that heavy-set guy who was always wandering around carrying a radio and/or wearing an orange wig talking to himself? You would see this guy off of Forest Hill Blvd., Southern Blvd., the Dixie Hwy or hanging-out at the Palm Coast Plaza / Publix back around the 60s & 70s time frame. He kinda looked like that B & W comedy film star Olly. I remember when he used one of those emergency phones attached to telephone poles to call the fire dept. because he thought the mosquitoe truck was a burning house. This incident happened by the Palm Coast Plaza.

  115. Walter Brooks Jul 20th 2010

    About Shopping Cart Mary, if I am recalling the same character, a woman who was somewhat of a landmark perhaps around US1… I do believe that there was a Palm Beach Post newspaper report when she died that mentioned a discovery that it turned out that she actually had a great deal of money. Perhaps this was a case where she was felt to be incompetent, and her funds were withheld from her by those who were supposed to actually care for her… But, I was struck at that time by the contrast between how she lived, and how she could have lived…

  116. Palm Beach Post Staff Researchers Jul 19th 2010

    The kangaroo story is completely true.

    You can find the Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News stories in our historic news archive: http://www2.palmbeachpost.com/archives/

    Search for Joey the Palm Beach kangaroo.

    And you can do a Google search to find the Life magazine stories and pictures.

    We’ll write more about it soon (with pictures and links) on the Flashback blog.

    Michelle Quigley
    News Researcher
    The Palm Beach Post | HistoricPalmBeach.com

  117. Renee Silvernail Jul 18th 2010

    WOW Walter!!! Thats some story. Now please tell me it’s true, cause it sounds crazy. However i was born & Raised in W.P.B. there for maybe it’s not so crazy after all. LOL. Now you have me looking this story up on the internet.

  118. I remember the Lil’ General at Military Trail and Purdy Lane. Picking up empty soda bottles and returning them there for a refund to buy a 5 cent candy.
    Kings Dept, Zayres dept, and the Farmers Market were the places to go back then.
    The Polo Grounds stables behind the Supermarket at Military and Summit. Shirley Benton ran those stables for years. We had kept our horses there and would ride to the McDonalds Drive-Thru for a soda. Pizza Inn had the best pizza and salad bar. Bonanza, Western Sizzler the biggest burger in town for a buck!! The National Enquirers Annual Giant Christmas tree and decorations will always be remembered.

    Out west in the early 80′s I have fond memories of the greatest mudholes and hills out in “Running Water”.(Now known as some part of the acerage in RPB). Millers Supermarket in RPB and the nearby rope swing. Pulling an old surfboard with a rope from a small jon boat just to keep cool in the summer.

    Okeechobee Blvd was 2 lanes and ended in Loxahatchee at ‘A’ road, it was just a large dirt road for years. I remember riding 3-wheelers, horses and many times walking that road to get to friends houses.
    Those were the good ole days for sure.

    I can’t forget the Loxahatchee A&G Market off of Southern Blvd at ‘D’ Road. A tiny little brick store and when you would walk inside there were 2 tiny isles and an old cash register on the counter.

    Who will ever forget Old Mary – she would walk the streets of Loxahatchee looking for a ride and anything else you were willing to give her. We would always hope our mom would pass her by, cause she stunk to high heaven… But no she wouldn’t pass, she always stopped to give her a ride and usually $20. I thought my mom was crazy. I don’t know what ever happened to Old Mary.

  119. Walter Brooks Jul 15th 2010

    My family goes back in Palm Beach county further than I do … generations … back to when my great-grandfather Stotesbury financed Henry Flagler to build a railroad here … I can remember taking a ferry across the Intracoastal to go the Seminole post where they had little colorful straw dolls for sale … can remember the railroad tracks on the north bridge … can remember the little lake in Wells Landing … can remember Tamarind as somewhat of a western border for West Palm, though there were dinner trips on Old Okeechobee way out to the steak place there … can remember the strange birds and insects that were plentiful at the gates to El Mirasol … can remember when The Hut was thriving, and Bazaar International had a great ice cream extravangza place … and I can remember Joey, my ‘dawg’, though technically he was a kangaroo…

    My mother had a friend who was an English airline pilot with a regular route between Australia and Hawaii, but then he got transferred to the New York to London route. His friends gave him a going away party, and unbeknownst to him, they put a baby kangaroo into his travel bag, which he discovered at customs … so he called my mother, and told her he just needed to take care of the baby animal for a few months at most until he could make arrangements, and she agreed… I am tempted to think that was the last she ever heard from him…

    The cute little animal was barely two feet tall, if that, probably much smaller, and that was upon arrival on Cherry Lane… I would guess he grew probably less than one foot a year until he was only about seven feet tall at the most… Funny things that one can learn about kangaroos… Like a goat, they eat most everything, a fact my father appreciated when it came to the lawn, but which horrified my mother when it came to the shrubbery…

    We had several properties. My mother used to rent them out, and then we would live in whichever one was vacant, so much of the island got to experience the delight of our kangaroo, some perhaps more delighted than others… Joey was quite friendly, having been raised among people, but some people seemed a tad fearful of him… Joey could jump ten feet vertically into the air, and probably 20-30 feet horizontally if he had that 40mph momentum going, which he achieve when police were chasing him, or so they said. Ever given a speeding ticket to a kangaroo?

    I used to stand on Joey’s big feet, and hold his hands, facing him, and he would give me rides up and down and fast and all around that were a thrill that many kids never experience from their dogs… As said, to me, being very young, and growing up with Joey, he was my ‘dawg’…

    Joey and I even played ‘dodge ball’, where I would take a inflated lightweight beach-ball and chase him, and then throw it at him, and if I hit him, he would then pick it up and chase me and throw it at me… I think that it was a free-for-all regardless of who had thrown the ball to see who would get to it first… But it was a fun game…

    Keeping Joey at home was problematic, because, in part, he learned by running down the beach, where we used to take him on outings, that they had nice food at parties at the Coral Beach club, and he seemed unable or unwilling to understand that only members were supposed to attend, and apparently he failed to meet the requirements for desired members… Nonetheless, he did enjoy going there, somewhat too often…

    Richard Nixon lived at the end of our street, and seemed particularly unhappy to have our kangaroo on his property… I might suspect that it was he who started the movement to have Joey kicked off the island… One never knows… However, at some point the Town Council wished to declare Joey to be a ‘dangerous wild animal’ and kick him off the island… My father never had had fondness for Joey, referring to him as ‘your mother’s problem’… But, when ordered to get rid of the ‘dangerous wild animal’ (which could mean some sort fo a bill), my father refused, said that this was his beloved ‘tame domestic house pet’… That’s when Joey moved inside our home on Seabreeze, across from the people with the penguin. Joey soon learned that though he could jump up ten or twelve or more steps with one bound, that his big feet just didn’t fit, and he would slide back to the first floor…

    The local kids would come by the bus-load to see Joey, and even Caroline and John John Kennedy visited, as did Life magazine, once the controversy to kick him off the island erupted… The media said the Kennedy kids just didn’t know better, but then Jackie Kennedy came herself wiht the kids, and that shushed them a bit…

    The Town Council, to avoid seeming to be singling out a single animal, then passed an ordinance which banned everything but small turtles, goldfish and birds in cage, dogs, cats, that sort of thing, and then the controversy really grew, as basically many many people had many many things, not to mention how popular Whitey the Tortoise was near Wells Road, where my great-grandmother had planted those pine trees… And she had had baboons as ‘watch-dogs’ on her property (part of the reason why it was walled in), and that was without problem (at least until her death, at which time the island had its own version of what became the movie Congo)…

    So, in a compromise, my family agreed to remove my ‘dawg’ from the island, and the town agreed to drop the much hated ordinance. So, lacking any boarding facility for kangaroos in the area, we put Joey in Masten’s Dog Kennel, which put him out front, thinking he would be fun publicity, which he was probably was while visitors totally less than 100 a day. however, as the amount of visitors swelled, Masten’s began to feel a touch overwhelmed…

    My mother then remembered how S&H Green Stamps would buy anything, so she got together with the local fire department, and started a campaign to raise one million green stamps to open a zoo at Dreher Park. The stamps would be used to buy an elephant to open the place, and Joey could also have a home there. And that is where Joey went, that is how Dreher Park Zoo was founded, and that’s how I lost my dog…

  120. Alfred Jul 10th 2010

    Wow! Reading this brings back memories. I have been here sence 1956, lived off 45th Street and Greenwood. Went to North Shore High and surfed the East Coast as much as I could. Beach parties with bon fires in Jupiter. Ah yes Penut Island and camping there on the week ends. Music Casters every Friday and Sat. Swimming at the shell pits. Thanks for the memories.

  121. Reading these posts has been such a walk back in time for me.
    Especially the posts from someone named Buster.

    I was born in St Marys, as was two of my three daughters.

    My father attended Palm Beach High School.

    I too, so well remember, Midget Market, Albrittons, The High Tide, The Singber Island Pumphouse jumps, and I too, graduated from Northshore, after attending St Anns in downtown West Palm Beach.

    My mother worked at Burdines on Clematis, my father in the Palm Beach County Courthouse and part time at my much loved Jai Alai!!

    I remember the bottle cap movies at The Palms and The Florida Theaters in downtown during the summer on Wednesday mornings the Roller Rink in Northwood, the community center on 40th and Pinewood.

    Wow! What a blast from the past!~


  122. Paul V Jul 6th 2010

    my my such memories, anyone remember the lido pool on palm beach and the tunnel, how about the flotila club and northwood drug store, currie park when you could swim there and sportsmans inn for pizza, sheesh woolworths and burdines, i rember so much of my idelic child hood spend on the shores of lake worth, it was a wonderful life. i shot deer where the pb mall is now, and swam across the intercoastal, anyone remeber the paddle wheel queen or rc bottle caps for movies, the huricane bar, and albritons the first royal castle on 45th street and broadway. i dont know his name but anyone rember the guy at walgreens that sold
    “MIAMI DAILY NEWS PAPERS” i remember the spencers and ryboviches, the Rich family, did sex euducation with john and greg rice. ran from the bryants and caught incredably big jacks in front of good sam. sweetdreams are made of this sigh

  123. Wow, a lot of good memories and posts here! Some answers – the drug store on Dixie was called Ranche’s (they also had a lunch counter. The bowling alley by the canal in Lake Worth was Lake Worth Lanes – now a thifft store. I think Kings was always Kings – behind Palm Coast to the south. The bead store in the Palm Coast Plaza was called the Jewel Thief. Palm Coast and the Palm Beach Mall were the best! The best restaurants were Proctor’s (best imitation of their fish is at John G’s on the beach), Sportsman’s Inn (remember Broasted Chicken) owned by the Mear family, Frederic’s for a fancy dinner, Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Jupiter, the Carling House on Military Trail, Four Points with the big McArthur Dairy (Four Points has been TOTALLY destroyed), JC Western in Farmer’s Market (Spec’s Music too), Fox Surf Shop to the west of Palm Coast Plaza, the orange groves on Lawrence Road, Lolly the Trolly in Lake Worth – 25 cents to get to the beach! Skipper Chuck on TV, Creature Feature on Channel 12 at 11:30 PM Saturday nights, Rudy Miller the weather lady on Channel 12 who predicted snow and was right, watching Jaws at Cinema 70, Fountain’s Department Store in downtown Lake Worth, Barbecue Bens on Military Trail…I could go on and on – see my website at http://www.palmbeachpast.org.

  124. Linda Jul 5th 2010

    Peanut Island had “Little Peanut” and there were actually tropical fish everywhere, camping overnight on our boat & there were only a couple other boats with you & undoubtably knew them, swimming with manatees behind our house, watching the guys building the finest boats in the world at Rybovich, and eating the BEST burgers in the world at Albritton’s, Wilson’s bakery for the donuts & the 5 & Dime in Northwood, having lunch with my grandmother at Burdine’s downtown after going to Pioneer’s, driving to Jupiter with my Dad felt like you were going half way across the State, going skiing with my brothers from PB all the way to where Admiral’s Cove is now took what seemed like no time at all, Good Sam & St. Mary’s where the only two hospital’s around (my Grandmother, was one of the first RN’s at GSMC) both my parents & grandparents were born in Florida, & I could never figure out how any of them (great grandparents as well) could stand FL without air conditioning or mosquito repellent, but I do know that my family, friends and I all had the best childhoods & environment to grow up in here in South Florida – if only our children & theirs could have had all the experiences we did back then

  125. Joseph Holness Jul 1st 2010

    I too Renee loving coming back to this website! You brought up the carnavals at the Palm Coast Plaza. My grand father was a Shriner and manager of City Ice, used to run the hamburger stand at the carnaval when it came to the Palm Coast Plaza in the 60s & 70s. His Shriner’s lodge was over by the National Guard Armory and we used to go to BBQs and pancake dinners there. The Shriners had a back room where they would gamble and hold “special meetings”. The walls in that room were decorated in risque Egyptian Belly Dancer motif, which was “very interesting” to say the least. You also brought up fireworks. Being that the 4th is around the corner, makes me remember living in Lake Clark Shores and sitting in our backyard on the lake and being able to see a firework show from our house. Prior to the show, we would fish, BBQ, light sparklers & fire crackers which we got from our Summer trips to Georgia and Tennessee. Had to watch out though for the occassional curious gator which must have smelled our BBQ-LOL. By the way; does anybody remember Topper’s BBQ on Dixie? Had the best hush- puppies around! Happy Fourth Fellow West Palmers!!!!

  126. Renee Silvernail Jul 1st 2010

    I keep coming back here to read new posts, it’s such fun. Was thinking about the fact that truth is, soooo much has changed it can be hard to remember it all ): I had forgotten about the 5&10 store off Southern & Dixie. The “Piggly Wiggly” Grocery Stores LOL. Walking around Lake Worth all nite in the summer time with the Emmett’s (My cousins). My uncle Terry was well known in Lake Worth for being a bit off, always walking or riding his bike wearing girl shorts. Back then i was embarressed and never admited in public we were related. Looking back he is such a good guy, always a smile for anyone who crossed his path. Who remembers the OLD Lake Worth bridge? I remember everyone’s excitment at watching the new one get built (Yes, i still see it as the NEW Bridge). One thing that has not changed is the Fireworks still go off in the park at the bridge all these years later(: My Grandfather owned Blackthorn Modeling and we were all excited when one of his girls got picked to rep Florida in the Ms America Pagent. Now you never even hear about the pagent anymore. Who remembers Jr’s resturant in downtown Lake worth? The cool Lake Worth Library? All the Carnaval’s that came to the Palm Coast Plaza? The Cross County 8 mall with it’s strange set up? Hanging at the Shell Pit’s, and Hanging out at John Prince Park on a sunday afternoon along the small creek area, playing our new found love of country music loud as hell? Loxahachee Momma’s (LOL)? No Microwaves, No Remotes, No Computers or Internet, No Play Stations’ or Wii’s? Just fresh air, a ball, and maybe a wooded area was all we needed to make us happy.

  127. I remember when the Palm Beach Mall was built and we thought that was great. I miss the old Clematis St. with Burdines and other stores such as Anthony’s. My mom would go to Normans and they would let her take clothes home no charge just bring them back. (honor system) The Florida and Palms theater was great. We didn’t have a/c in schools or computers to use. My parents had a business on Northwood Ave. There are thousands of great stories that I can remember. It was a great place to grow up. My family has been here since early 1930′s.

  128. LantanaAlwaysInMyHeart Jun 25th 2010

    I just stumbled on this site looking for old photos and info on the West Palm area. Geez everyone, I though it was just me. Growing up in South Florida in the 50′s and 60′s to quote a dear friend, “Was like growing up in paradise”.
    I see fellow Lantanians and Lantana Vikings and Lake Worth Trojans have replied here.
    So many memories. I grew up in Lantana. I remember butter pecan sundaes from Dairy Queen on US 1 in Lantana. You could get 6 hamburgers and a jug of birch beer at a hamburger “joint” in the 7 11 shopping center for under $2. There was also a small donut shop there that we got fresh donuts from on the way to Lantana beach Sunday mornings.
    There was no AC at Lantana Elementary, but Lantana Jr. High was brand new with AC. My brother was a member of the first 7th grade group.
    There were no malls, just downtown West Palm. At Christmas time, lights were strung across the street, the band shell was at the end of Clematis, which was replaced by an ugly library, which has since been torn down. The Florida theater was also at the end and so was the Palms theater, which I always thought was haunted. Burdines had a great toy section and there was a small area that sold Boy Scout items. SearsTown also had a great toy section, it was actually quite large and separate from the main store. You had to pass though the garden section to get into the main store from the toy area and sometimes they had a pool setup. As soon as you walked into the main store, they had a grill with chicken on a spit cooking right in the store. There was a small resturant just outside the other end of the store.
    My dad was a store manager for Food Fair, His first store was the Lake Worth store, he opened the Lantana Food Fair and then moved all over the county, West Palm, close to Sears Town, Westward Shopping Plaza (with Broward drugs, JM Fields and I think it was a Kresge). He also managed at the Palm Beach Mall store. Hey Jack, you said you worked at Kings, I believe it was a Food Fair just before Kings came in…….Does anyone remember a bowling alley near the Skydrome????
    We went to the Lake Theater in Lake Worth, spent many hours in the Lake Worth library, ice cream from the Howard Johnsons across from Lake Worth beach.
    Lantana Shopping Center was awesome. It has a Woolworth’s, Publix, Grants, Liggett Drug Store, Western Auto and many smaller shops. I have looked for years trying to find a picture from the 60′s of it, with no luck.
    Thanks for letting me remember……………..Paradise indeed!!!!

  129. one skating rink nobody mentioned: gold coast on 24th street in wpb… and the drug store at southern and us1: there were no drug stores directly on the corner, but one block north was a rexall drugs and across the street was one of the first burger kings ever built. (my family had atlantic golf and equip co just south of southern on us1. the ihop on us1 at the west palm/lake worth canal was the 7th store built in the chain. then there was the drivew in across the canal with the original styled – speedy burger mascotted mcdonalds out front. shortly after givig way to a sambo’s rest on that very spot. mcd’s moved two blocks south. and lake worth beach… i read where we all did the car parade and hung out at the casino, but does anyone remember WPBR, the radio station on top of the hill overlooking the sands? Anyone remember that LARRY KING once worked out of that building? or Francis Langford? or Bea Wain and Andre Baruche? I had the honor of being the last one on the air from those hallowed halls when the new ownership decided it was time to move in town… but not before Dan Gregory and I spent a harrowing 29 hours as hurricane andrew licked our butts. (that was the reason for the move). so when you remember, include us all in your thoughts. we could always be seen at the howard johnsons at the foot of the bridge after our shows. until we meet again, may all your memories be pleasant ones. – Bob Manning / Bob Hardy / Gary Rouse / Lee Gregory and Rex, the Wonder Ferret.

  130. Fred Bamber Jun 21st 2010

    anyone whom went to john i leonard knows the best teacher EVER was mr. smith. HITCHHIKING to pirates world to see concert’s. saw some of the best show’s; rod stewert,jertho tull,leon russell,wishbone ash;etc.,etc. shell pits at summit ext.; road house,west of turnpike on lake worth road the english pub on the trail across from the airport,what a DIVE,lol

  131. Fred Bamber Jun 21st 2010

    The more i read these posts the more i want to be a kid again ): Remember “Peaches Records & Tapes” (Funny BOTH records & Tapes are a thing of the past)? “Spec’s Music”? Ciggerrette vending machines? Northboro Elementery with it’s wooden hallways (Since burned down)? Blue Front Ribs (When they were on Tamerind Ave)? Lick um sticks, and fireball candy? Learning how to drive in the open field on the northside of the Airport (Off Belvedere)?

  132. Dreamer Jun 18th 2010

    my favorite memories are santa at the pb mall, taking pics with lion cubs at cross county mall, wwf, concerts, ringling bros., sesame street, disney on ice, car shows and beauty pagents at the auditorium. Ranches drugstore at southern & dixie. there was a huge spaceship slide on dixie next to pb harley. a&w drive-in. dreyer park zoo and the science museum. zaire. kmart had a restuarant inside at military and forest hill. skating at the palace and galaxy. cinema & drafthouse. ice cream at the farmers market. going to lake lytal pool for .50 cents. proctors!!! my dad worked at searstown and made less than $200 a week as the service manager. the natl enquirer xmas tree. the first ever toys 4 tots run. playing in the run down stables behind publix at summit & military that used to be the polo club. camping on peanut island when u could just dock ur boat at night and start a fire and run through the pitch black woods being chased by the fishermans dogs. mudding at the towers. rocky horror at carefree. being a smurf every year with murphy’s towing in the lake worth xmas parade. the rope swing off forest hill behind the nursery.

  133. Renee Silvernail Jun 17th 2010

    Who remembers afternoon summer movies (free) at the “Plaza’s 1 & 2 (Palm Bch Lakes)? When the most popular radio station was WIRK on the AM dial? When the fav local DJ was “Richard Strider The Midnight Rider”, LOL??The small guys (Twins) who owned the Galaxy Skateway west of town? Doing the hokey pokey? That cool Bead store at the “Palm Coast Plaza”? Who remembers the tall guy with the Gorgous waist length black hair, and mustache who ALWAYS seemed to be at the Western Wear store at the Farmers Market? The Cosmic Wonder? Sneaking into the Dreher Park Zoo through the cut in the fence behind the Planitarium? The Tigers Paw Lounge? The Go-Carts & Goony Golf on Military Trail? Walking Tall? Reading “Sweet Savage Love”, and underlining all the good parts, LOL!!???!!! The Teen Disco in downtown Lake Worth? Sun-In? Being able to run from one end of the PB Airport to the other end in SECONDS?? Luke & Laura? Concerts (Gallagher, Arlo Guthrey, ect ) during the early 80′s at the Zoo? Paying $6.50 for a concert ticket at the Autotorium? Midnight Madness at the S.Florida fair? The Twin City Mall? The Sportsmen’s Inn (Pizza Parlor)? The Gong Show? Macromay Bikini’s (What were we thinking)? That really cool/big playground with the swirly slide on Dixie Hwy? The pool hall at the Carefree Theater? When the Lake Worth Casino had a Kiddie Pool? Only needing a NOTE from your parents to buy ciggerettes!? “The Seven Seas” Store at the “PB Mall”? Camping at John Prince Park? Pizza’s & Orange Julius from “The Orange Bowl”? The Jerry Lewis Telethon on ALL 3 tv stations? When Grey’s & Woolworths drug stores had Soda Fountain Counters? Does anyone remember the name of the Drug Store at the corner of Southern Blvd & US1?? Who remembers those feathered clips that we all had hanging off our Cowboy Hats (Yea, THOSE clips, LOL)?? Huffy bikes? The lil old man who liked to ride the bus everyday wearing his sailor suit & hat, and whenever the bus stopped he would stand and say “Toot Toot”? Big Daddies? The Black Angus? Cruising Lake Worth Bch & Dbl Roads on the weekend? When Congress Ave ended at the PB Mall? When Dreher Park had a small picnic area in front of the Planitarium, and the rest was a fun wooded place to explore?

  134. Renee Silvernail Jun 15th 2010

    How about “The Boy’s & Girl’s Club” across from Twin Lakes HS? Doing the 20 MILE walkathon, that started at Howard Park? That swinging ball, when you 1st walked into the “Science Museum”? Holloween Nights when it was NORMAL to find kids lined up 20-30 deep at any given house? “Parent’s it’s 11:00 do you know where your children are? Followed by “Creature Feature. Who remembers “Toppy” the Elephant at Dreher Park zoo, and how they sent her to “Lion Country” because they could no longer afford her upkeep? Sadly within 2 weeks she was killed of an LSD overdose, because someone thought it would be funny ): YES, That REALLY happened!! It was front page news. The playground at the “Skydrome Drive-In”? Hanging out with friends all nite at the end of 45th st? That REALLY dangerous curve on 45th, heading east just before you came up on Jai jal? When there was NO I-95? Using cardboard boxes to sled down the sand embankments that would soon become I-95? When it was required to get all dressed up to attend The Dog Track & Jai Jali? The Pinball arcade on Singer Island? Portofino’s Resturant WHEN it was ALWAYS busy? The Beer Keg? Don’s Pizza (Singer Island)? The giant radio tower at “301 Broadway”, with the Photo Shop at the bottom? The Underground tunnel at Lake Worth Bch? Fat Joe always surrounded by pretty girls at the Lake Worth Casino Pool? The radio Tower on Lake Worth Bch? Always meeting at “The Clock” on Lake Worth Bch? The Pump House? Swinging from the rope into the lake at “Rabbit Point” (Dreher Park)? “The Duke” & “The Duchess” Bars on US1 in Lantana?

  135. Joseph W. Holness Jun 3rd 2010

    WOW! I love coming back here to read the posts of Palm Beach County residents (former or present) which relive through words the great memories of our times there. I know I’ve posted here before but I saw something on a satelite imagery site and one of those virtual turnpike websites of Palm Beach County that made me sad. For starters, I couldn’t believe how much development westward there had been, which looks to have wiped out many fishing and hunting spots (the hunting I did was collecting reptiles / Corbett Area / Pine Jog Area / land west of the Turnpike and Loxahatchee). The worst thing I saw though was on the virtual turnpike and how West Palm Beach has changed via the closing down and/or the demolishing of former special places of good times and memories. Take for instance the section of the Dixie Hwy from Belvedere Rd. to Lake Worth. The whole area looked very run-down and like a ghost town. I grew-up in Lake Clarke Shores during the 60s and 70s and spent a lot of time at many of the different shops, restaurants, theaters, and other establishments located there. I couldn’t believe how so much had changed! Even Forest Hill High looked unrecognizable. In any case, when I read Mr. Henline’s recent post / quote:…… “I didn`t mean to go on and on, but I long for those days.The world will never be as good as it was back then.I wonder why we ever left, and why I never returned, the crime, the drugs, the violence? We never had to worry back then about playing after dark, there was no reason to worry. I want to go home so bad.” ….It really hit home for me. Somebody needs to do a book about the West Palm Beach of the 60s & 70s. I’d be more than happy to contribute or be contacted by fellow West Palm Beachers who grew-up during those times.> atwilightdragon@gmail.com <

  136. The Thomas Family. We were some of the first residences in WPB when my folks came there in their Model T Ford. I am in the process of finishing the story of my growing up in WP with my three brothers, all of born in the 20s and the youngest, Jerry, in Good Samaritan Hosp. This was way before the Palm Beach Mall. But believe me, do we have the best memories! It was all about Clematis Street in those days, where all the kids from Palm Beach High would meet We had three movie theaters and three Five and Ten Cent stores, and finally, even a Burdines, where I worked while going to PBJr. College. The Hut was our favorite drive in. It was just one big sweet gathering of friends, until WW11 when things got serious.I could go on and on. Read my book someday. Happy Trails to you!

  137. Robert Henline May 31st 2010

    So many memories came back as I read these posts.
    I was born in Lantana in the late 60`s and grew up in West Palm Beach (Westgate) in the early and mid 70`s.. I remember the Okeechobee Steakhouse, my Mother worked there for many years, as well as the Howard Johnsons. I remember Wuv`s, my sister worked there, and the Tropicana by J.M. Fields, where my other sister worked, and the U-Totem, where my brother worked. I remember West End Sundries ( better known as June`s), where I would return all my coke bottles for change to play pinball machines and buy Munchos and Yoo Hoos. I remember playing hide and seek in the itchy sawgrass fields off Westgate avenue with what seemed like the whole neighborhood. I remember `Old Man Charlie` who was this friendly man who always wore a sailors hat or captains hat, he was always walking around Westgate, everyone called him a bum, but if you asked him for a quarter for a soda and he had it , he would give it to you.I remember the Super Slide behind the McDonalds, I remember sneaking into the Theatre off Okeechobee Blvd. to watch the movie Seven Alone, with all my brothers and sisters, there were 7 of us total,5 living in WPB.I remember going to Westgate Elementary when Coach Haines and his wife were there.I remember wearing my Westgate Sandals( going barefooted) all summer long, and getting stickers in my feet when we cut across empty lots. All the streets were still dirt and crushed shells then. I remember the Whites, the Blackwells, the Henlines, the Larabees, the Orcutts who owned the drive -in. I remember the Fords, the Ulichnees?, the Brookers, the Henry`s, the Cole`s, the Harvey`s, and the family we grew up with and first met when we lived in Lantana.I remember the Gooney Golf, and buying my first pair of cowboy boots at the farmers market. I remember living across the street from the Palm Beach Kennel Club and falling asleep to the sounds of airplanes taking off at the Airport. I remember all the grownups going to Chances R 2, a bar near the airport.I remember riding my bike thru Belvedere Homes and thinking they were mansions compared to where I lived just a few streets over. We lived on Cherokee ave., and Osceola. I remember going swimming and camping out to 45th street. I remember going to the beach what seemed like every day. We went to Phipps Park. Climbing all those crooked trees on the hill was a blast. I remember roller skating at The Galaxy. I remember when Elvis came and stayed at the Sheraton, we used to swim in that lake behind the Sheraton.
    I didn`t mean to go on and on, but I long for those days.The world will never be as good as it was back then.I wonder why we ever left, and why I never returned, the crime, the drugs, the violence? We never had to worry back then about playing after dark, there was no reason to worry. I want to go home so bad.

  138. Reminded of the A&P grocery store on Dixie, North of Belvedere, later becoming Proctors. Loved the HF Davis 5&dime store on Dixie/Southern. A fav place for all was the A&W rootbeer drive in at Parker & Southern.
    “The He & She” Lounge on Dixie just South of Forest Hill where the long raised dancing floor strip ran the whole legth of the bar, each partner dancing in different colored lit rectangler strips. Disco balls and all !
    Lake Worth with its Grandmas Bakery on Dixe & 2nd N. with the Orange Blossom rest and Winn Dx across its way. A roller skating store in LW where you could rent street skates (four wheel shoe skates) and dare the ride over & down the LW bridge.
    10th Ave & Congress had its quaint Movie house/pizza house.
    Ho Jos on Belvedere Rd, east of Dixie.
    Jerrys Catering Rest on the second floor of the airport.
    Between NPB & PBG there was an actually rotating bar that constantly moved.

  139. As a second generation native of Palm Beach County, I grew up in the 60′s and 70′s in Lantana. I remember Lantana Beach, fishing off the Lantana bridge for sand perch, Lantana Boat Yard where my dad worked, El’s Aquarium a pet shop that my uncle owned, hair cuts at Babiones Barber Styling (in the 7-11 plaza), working through high school at the Howard Johnson’s on A1A at the Lake Worth bridge (my mom worked there too for 32 years), and Lake Worth High School.

    I remember shopping at the Palm Coast Plaza at Christmas time and seeing all the people there, The Reef Gift Shop, Toy King, Murphy’s, Woolworth’s, Jackson Byrons. Seeing tThe Poseidon Adventure at the Skydrome drive in, I remember shopping at Fountains on Lake Ave and The Palm Beach Mall. I remember fishing Lake Osborne and catching some of the largest bass I have ever caught in the deep dredged out holes in the north end.

    I remember teachers at Lake Worth High School like Mrs. Olsen, Mrs. Mandigo and at Lantana Jr. High like Mr. Archer, Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Cantley (the art teacher), and Mrs. Welsh.

    I could go on and on. I wouldn’t trade growing up in Palm Beach County back then for anything!

  140. Joseph W. Holness Feb 16th 2010

    How great it is to see the replies and memories of Palm Beach County of the past. Born in 1959 a Florida Native and growing up in Lake Clark Shores, I remember plenty of those days like the following: Clematis Street and the balcony movie theatre, The Big Christmas decorations up & down both Clematis St. and the Dixie Hwy, Woolco, Palm Coast Plaza and that cool flea market place next door to it, Publix, Outdoor Sportsman, Farmers Market (Deluca’s Hoagies-THE BEST!), Walgreens & Rexall Drugs when you could get an actual real malted milk shake there, Sportsman’s Inn, Toppers BBQ, Buds Fried Chicken, Crusty’s Pizza, Nags Head & Manero’s Steak Houses, Maurices Italian Restaurant, Putt-Putt Carpet Golf, The Beach, The Bazaar on N. Dixie past Sears, Prescott’s Bait & Tackle and Cushmans Citrus on Forest Hill Blvd., G & G Drive thru, McKinnly’s Hobby Shop, Palm Beach Mall, PBIA of the 60s & 70s, Meadow Park Elementary, Forest Hill High, Lake Worth Pier, and a former childhood-to-adulthood friend named Lisa. All of these fond & memorable things were the West Palm Beach of my past. How great it would be to see a book come out of the Palm Beach County of the 60s & 70s! How I miss those days, especially being retired military, stuck in the grey & rainy Northwest US. .

  141. Scott Feb 3rd 2010

    I can remember before they built the Palm Beach Mall there wasn’t anything out there but sand and shooting off a shotgun with some other guys. All the time I spent of Blue Heron Blvd. during the winter fishing for bluefish and mackeral off the Little Blue Heron Bridge and the open beaches when you drove up to Juno Beach where we would surf fish. I went to Palm Beach High for 2 years and in my senior year they changed it to Twin Lakes so I was in the first class of Twin Lakes in 1971. Good memories but I would never move back

  142. Dan R. Jan 26th 2010

    My family has been in Florida since the early 1820′s. In 1898 my 20-year-old grandfather rode a horse from Clearwater and settled in Boynton. His brother was a County Commissioner when this was still Dade County, and then became the first Chairmen of the Commission when Palm Beach County was formed in July, 1905. My Dad was born in Boynton in 1912 and I was born at Good Sam in 1937. I guess you can include my famly among the early settlers in the state and in Palm Beach County.

  143. southend memories

    I was employed at Kings Dept. Store from 1961 until they went bankrupt in 1981.

    the southend was really bustling in those days. there was the skydrome Drive In theatre across the canal from Kings.
    the Palm coast Plasa had Three theatres–cinima 70–S &S cafeteria Litchfield Farm house restaurant.

    also Jackson byrons,Murphys Variety Store, and one of my favorites–The reef card and gift shop.
    We had a nice Publix super market, a walgreens and a Woolworths

    further to the north was a woolco discount store
    there even was a roller rink in the vicinity
    Favorite eating places included Shakeys Pizza Parlor, amed in Beer) hot dogs. the Patio Restaurant,also Christines who had the first Salad Bar in the area.

    It is sad to see the Palm Coast as a ghost town, and the former Kings site turned into “A field of weeds”

  144. I came to west Palm in 1954, at the age of 21. I was employed at montgomery Ward at the corner of Olive and First street.
    east of Wards on Narcisses was the Greyhound Bus station which had a cafeteria.

    for lunch, I would go to woolworths on clematis St.
    I could eat there for 35cents–a hot dog was 15cents, a coke cost a dime, and a big slice of chocolate cake was also a dime.

    all of the downtown stores closed at noon on Wednesdays during the summer–there were no tourists because of the hot weather.

    favorite restaurants were mama gildas,Procters, russos, Testas, and Frederics steak house

    too bad that this town had to grow into the crime ridden place that it is today.

  145. Longing for Home Jan 10th 2010

    I remember the Palm Beach County of the 70′s and 80′s. Searstowne on South Dixie, Burdines down town, Jeffersons at the corner of Okeechobee and the Trail. Going to Gooney Golf on the Trail, the waterslide on Okeechobee. The excitement of getting a sangria at Taco Viva even if i was underage lol. Okeechobee Steak House or Raindancer for “grown up” family dinners. My favorite restaurant of all time…Proctors on Dixie Hwy….the all you can eat fish dinners! ( if someone knows how they made their fish…please eamail me…i’ve tried to duplicate it and just cant get it right). Going to Singer Island or Lake Worth Beach on Sat and Sundays.
    What good memories I have! I moved back to Pittsburgh 10 yrs ago to take care of some family situations and have been back to WPB once since. So much has changed over the years…but…it’s still HOME to me!

  146. G. Elena Jan 7th 2010

    I remember a wonderful slide behind McDonalds on Okeechobee Blvd, the A & W Drive in on the corner of Parker and Southern Blvd., The J.M. Fields on Okeechobee, I remember when the Palm Beach Mall opened and I ran to the record store to buy the Patridge Family album with David Cassidy singin “I Think I Love You”. The Barefoot Mailman store. Walking to the Burdines store from St, Ann’s School. Walking to the Carefree Theatre to watch “Saturday Night Fever” Eating at “Proctors”, Shopping at the Palm Coast Plaza and eating pizza at the N.Y. Pizza place and also shopping at “Kings” The “Three Sisters” on Clematis. So many memories, all wonderful, at a time when life was much less stressful and we were a much smaller City.

  147. Back in the 80′S

    I remember when there was a movie theater at the Palm Beach Mall. There was a store called the blackfoot mailman, cool as hell. There was the Cross County Mall (I believe), off of Military trail and Okeechobee. A taco viva was in the plaza. The zoo was Dreyer park Zoo. The Enquirer put up the world’s largest christmas tree in the 70′s and 80′s. There was Gooney Golf by the Rapids. The South Florida Fair had rednecks, skinheads and headbangers at midnight madness. Oddly enough, they played hard rock back then, too.

    Royal Palm Beach didn’t have a Publix, Winn-Dixie, or anything, just Greater Gator. They used to have a haunted house for Halloween in Royal Palm, as well. It was in the little building the bulldozed a few years ago. Hennigan’s Nursey (Southern Blvd) was still around. The best nursery ever. My best wishes to the family. You also had Southern Ornaments, the best holiday shop in the area, ever. We had the mud trucks going mudding off of Okeechobee and 441 on the weekends. 441 was mostly farm land, and dark as hell at night. It was great. Moroso Motorsports Park was still Moroso. You had Mckinley’s hobby shop, and Challenger Raceway (RC dirt track) in R.P.B.. There was also the stores Pantry Pride, JByrons, Curtis Field (furniture), and Levitz. They had WWF wrestling at the West Palm Beach Auditorium. The West Palm Beach Expos (baseball).

    As one person said above, Lums restaurant. Later on came Don Carter’s All Star lanes Vista. The best bowling center in south florida of all time, where you would see Dave Davis (manager), Joe Berardi, Palmer Fallgren, and sometimes Jimmy Keeth (the most awesome bowling game the game of bowling has ever seen).

    Overall, life was good back then. We had a lower population and more things to do.

  148. I remember watching the Ringling Bros Barnan & Bailey Circus come into town and people would line up and watch the animals walk from the train station to PBLks up to the WPB Auditorium. Concerts were held there, my HS Graduation was held at the Auditorium and what a big mistake it was to sell that place. The Amphitheatre is nice but with our So. Florida weather fluctuating so much, it was nice to be able to enjoy a concert without worrying about what the weather will be like. Remember driving up to the Auditorium, being dropped off at the top and then drive down to park your car? Great memories!

    I also remember having parties out in the “boonies” and 4wheeling in Boynton Beach. Having friends that lived in Palm Beach, South Olive, Lake Clarke Shores, WPB and we all got along and hung out. A night out with your date always included driving through LW Beach and then John Prince Park. There was always parties in there and you got to choose which one you wanted to attend. What fun!

    Oh, remember the National Enquirer Christmas Tree! Just beautiful and all the ornaments and displays there. You had to walk forever to get to it but so much fun!

    Also remember hanging out in Palm Beach and walking down Worth Ave to the only convenience store there in the 70′s for a drink. We would also go to the first mansion on Clarke Beach and Surfer’s Beach to use their water hose for a drink and rinse off. lol

    Great memories……

  149. Southend Girl Dec 12th 2009

    Memories OF WPB:

    Saturdays at the Palms Theatre horror movies, the 5cent pickles, the red velvet drapes and the balcony.

    The Florida Theatre with silly 50′s Doris Day comedies and the Surf Theatre further west. Eating apple pie at the Woolworth’s counter, then going up stairs to lounge and bathroom, eating at McCrory’s counter watching them grill and send up the dirty dishes on the dumbwaiter, walking through Kress then waiting on the line of bus benches for the Rosemary Avenue bus.

    Clothing stores: Diana shop, Three Sisters, Normans, JC Harris, and the clothes that were must haves: mister pants, shells and belts from Staggs, bernardo sandals and if you could afford them, Jack Rogers.

    During the “slow summers” it was a ten minute drive to the beach with easy parking, days of swimming and sun bathing. And what about the Lido Pool with the high diving board and the corner food shop?

    Anybody remember the old library/bandshell with Katy Koffee(?) local talent show?

    Remember the Hut.. going around and around the block waiting for a spot to open up then ordering a lemonade with fries from Pauline.
    Dances at the Armory with real bands: the Accents, the R-dells, the Rhythm Rockers, the Saxons, the Apollos, the Chevelles many sponsored by Nick George. Palm Beach High, the Electrician Hall and the Casino used to host dance nights, too. And the old JC Clubhouse at the airport. The Carefree Theatre, playing pool.

    Ah, those good old days. Guess what? we’re old. Let’s hope the future generations will have good memories of their times in WPB.
    What do they do?

  150. Phyllis Dec 10th 2009

    My family was also here forever. We were born in West Palm Beach, FL. My family went to Palm Beach High School. When we moved to the south end I went to Forest Hill High School. I used to go to the HUT with friends all the time. My parents had a business. I remember when everyone knew each other and we were all friendly. It was like a Peyton Place. Don’t talk about anyone. What fun we used to have. Then we go bigger and people are rude now.

  151. Carol Jones Dec 10th 2009

    I am a native West Palm Beach, as well as my mom, and her parents came in the 20′s. I can remember every time the news at 11:00 pm came on probably channel 5 the first thing that was said
    was ” PARENTS IT IS 11:00 PM DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE ? I will never forget those words and with all the changes in our society today with juvenile crime etc. I believe that would maybe just make parents think about the question and the answer they have. It sure couldn’t hurt. Thanks for your consideration.

  152. I too am a St Marys baby, my dad worked for Ruben Construction (now Ranger Con) when it was on 25th st in WPB before moving to Sandsbury Rd. He would bring home BBQ from Blue Front when it was on Tamarind, my mom taking us to Palm Coast Plaza on Saturday’s for shopping (Kings Dept Store, J Byrons,Lerners) and lunch at Walgreen’s, if we were good we could feed the monkies at the plaza. The PB Mall was a treat, surfing (trying) with my brother at Phips Park in Palm Beach. swimming in the PB Canal, Knollwood Groves (I really miss it) the drive ins on Southren Blvd, Lale Worth Road and in Rivera Beach, The Greenhouse (what fun!!) on Singer Island, Double Roads, Air Force Beach, the shell pitts. I just wish my kids could have these types of memories.

  153. 80s Baby Dec 3rd 2009

    Reading everyones blogs makes me cry, lol. I’m young, but I still have much memories, like how the only people that carried pistols (and only PISTOLS) was the elders, and that was only to keep you from playing in their lawn, lol. If we fought, it was actually an insult for others to jump in. And it was a major shock to everyone when Nathanial Brazil brought that gun to school. It seemed like forever waiting on the South Florida Fair to come back around, and every year, soon as I get in the gate I had to find me a corn on the cob. The Martin Luther King parade in Riviera was always a big deal, and I was so happy to be in the parade every year. The Roots Festival in Delray will never be the same after they moved it DownTown and took it away from Pompay Park. Only if they knew that even though the car show held up traffic, it was the best feature of the festival. Standing in line at Docs, DownTown Delray was worth it because their food was so damn good. And entertainment in both DownTown Delray and Palm Beach was priceless. Clematis by Night every Thursday kept the kids out of trouble, and the food was so good. Unlike the things you all are talking about, these things are still in existance, it’s just the family values the went out the damn window. I pray for change, soon…

  154. Gloria Dec 2nd 2009

    I, too, grew up in West Palm Beach in the 60′s and 70′s. I lived off of Tamarind Avenue, near what is now the Main Tri-Rail Station. I remember the Soap Box Derby races that were held on top of the hill on Datura that ran down to Tamarind Avenue. I also remember going to the Fun Show at the Florida Theatre during the summer and us girls playing with the neighbohood boys at Connie Mack Field, Howard Park the Pool–some of the best times of my childhood were had at these places. My siblings and I had the pleasure of attending Central Elementary, Central Jr. High and Twin Lakes High (f/k/a Palm Beach High)–all on the same school grounds. I remember eating at the Campus Shop and Russo’s. During those days, prior to the Palm Beach Mall, we did all our shopping on Clematis. Do you remember the May’s grocery store which was located across from what is now the WPB Police Dept? Boy, those were the good ole’ days…

  155. Jackie Nov 13th 2009

    I too am a St. Mary’s baby, raised in Riviera Beach when there was no drugs and no shootings. I remember Joey’s and the Greenhouse on singer island, this was the place to be on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Driving your car around and around the island…lol. Double roads, Phil Foster park, Dairy Belle, Sub King…..great times. Spending the summers at singer island beach with everyone from school playing volleyball to it got dark. Going to Woolworth’s and Sear’s with my mom and Grandmother….and the twin city mall to go to the movies, the Orange Bowl for Pizza and the game room……these are times I will forever cherish and remember!

  156. Longing for yesterday Nov 10th 2009

    I remember back in the 80′s when the palm beach mall was the only mall. It was the place to be any day of the week. I worked at golden greek in the food court. At that time the food court was full of places to eat. I remember burdines being the best store in the mall expensive of course, but the best. I cant remember the name of the cookie place that was at the front of the mall, but you couldnt go to the mall and leave without some of there cookies. Those were the days.

  157. I remember the Hut…….the free movies downtown in the summer…..Golfview Jr Hi and Palm Beach Hi and the twins John and Greg….walking from my Grandmother’s house on Fern St at the railroad tracks to school on The Hill…….going to the Beach in Palm Beach when the beach wasn’t so small………I’m a great niece of John Ashley, leader of the Ashley Gang of Stuart in the early 1900′s…….my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother travelled to Hobe Sound/WPB area by covered wagon to settle there……..partying with the great kids of PB Hi in the 60′s…….WPB rocked then!!!!!!! Russo’s subs are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  158. I rememeber going to Palm Beach Hi School from my Grandmother’s house on Fern Street in the 60′s……the Hut, downtown free summer movies…..5&10 store, Burdines, Anthony’s…….I am the Great niece of John Ashley…..the leader of the Ashley/Mobley Gang in the early 1900′s……..sooo….my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother traveled from the Ft. Myers area by covered wagon with their kids to Pompano Beach/Hobe Sound area…….I remember the twins John and Gregg from Golfview Jr High and Palm Beach Hi school….I see their pics are on the front of this……..living in Bradenton area now……still keep in touch with the kids from schools in W. Palm Beach……60′s ruled at the Hut back then!!!!!!! Had a great time growning up in good ol’ WPB……..

  159. julia Oct 6th 2009

    knollwood groves was the only good thing about boynton beach. i hate my life now because it’s gone. thanks a lot.

  160. I grew up in WPB in the 60′s and 70′s and remember going to Burdines with my mother and the prisoners in the jail across the street whistling and cat-calling, Sears Town,
    The Hut, Russo’s subs, going to see Reefer Madness at midnight at the Florida Theater, Camping on Peanut Isalnd
    when it was just the Coast Guard station and pine trees. Back then everything west of military trail was the sticks, and we would drive out west and shoot our rifles and shotguns or go the palm beach canal and swim through the locks. After 95 was built, we could zip north or south with no traffic jams. The PB Mall and the leaky Teepee. After High School I joined the military and it was several years before I returned, and my flight arrived at night and circled by lake Okeechbee and I could not believe all the lights that had progressed all that way! I prefer it the way it was: nice and easy going with nice locals except when the snow birds from New York and New Jersey came down and jacked traffic up.

  161. I remember biking up and down Congress before the boynton mall was put in. Knolly at Knollwood Groves, Lunds bakery and the Swedish house. My childhood memories of Florida are replaced with
    the evening news details of good things gone bad.
    The pink sand at Boynton beach is long gone, so my Dad says.
    I miss mostly the Knollwood Groves, the big trees there and the vintage feel of the old florida homes and open air garages that are over taken by new developments.
    Would anyone be all for me to invest in a small hangout/ breakfast type shop that celebrated old palm beach county as we used to know? i would deck the place out in all the old photos from yesteryear and serve up some good florida orange grove juice.! I wonder if it would fly. It is just a dream but something tells me that the old florida charm is what many of us long for! I am just afraid my rent would drive me out of business.

  162. Buster Aug 19th 2009

    I was born in 1963 at St. Marys hospital to parents that were also born there. I remember the midget market, allbrittons pharmacy,twin city mall,walking barefoot, fishing at rybovich,skating at goldcoast skating rink 24 street, high tide lounge,chatterbox,parking at ocean reef park when it was pinetrees, burnt bridge with my grandmother,double roads jupiter, surfing pumphouse, northshore high school,jai ali, monday night wrestling at the west palm auditorium. I could go on forever I hope ther are more of us out there to remember what it eas really like in the good ole days….oh yeh the cattamaran on 45 th street

  163. As a Palm Beach county native.I have so many wonderful memories.I remember I was just 8 years old when the Palm Beach Mall opened its doors 1967.I was so excited.I watched it being built and just couldn’t wait for the opening day.We only had Palm Coast Plaza & downtown to go shopping.I have fond memories of the Florida Theater on Clematis,we would save our RC bottle caps to get in free to the Summer kiddie shows.Going to the Skydrome drive inn was a Saturday night treat.Sears town on Belvedere and Dixie,Hall hardware with the big hammer, super slide behind Mcdonalds on Okeechobee blvd, Gaiety Skating rink on Tuxedo rd in WPB,Connie Mack Field,Proctors Seafood on Dixie hwy.I love West Palm Beach and all the great memories.

  164. Yes I too Remember the Early days, The first Mall was the Farmers Market on Congress, The days when you could Drive your car to the end of the Lake Worth pier and unload your stuff then drive off and park.There was no Interstate , two lane roads everywhere.
    When you were on Jog road you were west of town and 441 was in the middle of no-where or it seemed. Welling what???
    Okeehelee park was the Shell Pits and was accessed from Dillman road thru the woods. We had Drive in Movies, The Boulevard Drive In,
    The Skydrome Drive In, The Beach Drive In.
    Alot of History and now it’is nothing but Hectic, All Over. Bring back the Good Old Days.

  165. Cindy Weeks Jul 27th 2009

    In the late 50′s, I remember driving towards the beach on Ocean Avenue in Boynton Beach and the road was covered in smashed crabs that lived in the marsh on either side of the road from the cars running them over.
    Another memory is of the Howard Johnson’s Restaurant on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Federal Hwy. where the bank is now.
    There was no I-95 and we bought clothes in WPB at Burdines down town, and Lerners.
    We used to go to the Boynton Theatre which was on Federal Hwy. where there is now a high rise. There was a Royal Castle to hang out at on Saturday nights, in front of St. Marks Catholic Church, and everyone went to the Belvedere dime store for anything you couldn’t find anywhere else.
    Those were good days, when no one locked their doors and we had no air conditioning at Boynton Elementary school, but I don’t remember caring.
    Mrs. Collins was my 2nd grade teacher, and her husband had the sign business in Boynton. So many great memories of a wonderful little town to grow up in!

  166. Bocaguy Jul 27th 2009

    Going to northside of Boca inlet and partying at night. Jumping off Boca inlet bridge and not getting caught.

    Ranch House restaurant at Deerfield pier and it getting swamped on huge surf days.

    Driving down the intracoastal at 40-50mph in a Donzi and no one cared.

    Surfing Reef Road in PB and 2 guys out on a north swell.

    Red Reef park had red reef you had to stay away from.

    Lums restaurant. Fried clams and corn on cobb. Huge beers.

    Gas wars on Federal highway.

    You could pull up at Jap rock and watch people surf.

    Men got ticketed in PB if they went shirtless after leaving the sand. The condo cammandos did not want to see mens nipples.

  167. I remember the old Boca Mall which is now Mizner Park. My Mom used to take us to a .50 movie and she would let us go to Britt’s after words. The big treat was new shoes at Tom McCann and stopping by the “Rock of Ages” record store.

  168. I remember Downtown Lake Worth and also shopping with my parents at Burdines and Sears Town in West Palm Beach. This was in the late 60′s and early 70′s. Everything was less crowded and it was much more relaxed. There was no 95 and the beach was the place to hang out. It was also fun to go on Saturday to the Cinema 70 at the Palm Coast Mall and walk over to Woolco!

  169. G the Local Jul 27th 2009

    I remember in the late 60′s going with my family to Peanut Island by boat on the weekends after catching 4 or 5 Saifish and there would be only 4 or 5 other families there. Compare it to today with about 400 boats and a lot of loud music, hard drinking and partying. Still fun but a very different experience. A lot has changed. I guess that’s progress, right?

  170. Palm Beach Mall of the late 70′s and 80′s.

    Of course it was “the” mall and the only one in the area. This was before Boynton Beach, Wellington and Gardens Malls.
    We had a great, fun time as employees of this mall then.
    We would hang out and do everything together because we all had a mid-week day off and occasionally a Sunday as retail workers.
    We would go to lunch together (plenty of places to eat then), hang out at Houlihans after work, go to the beach together and even had a bowling team that would play at the bowling alley in Riviera Beach.
    This was a fun time in past Palm Beach County for us.

  171. In the late 1960s, I remember driving from Boca Raton with my family to see my dad leave on an airplane. That was a big, big deal. There was no I-95 connection, so we took Congress Avenue and it took about 45 minutes to get there.

    The Palm Beach Airport (no international designation then!) was just one large building with two floors. The top floor was the observation area, with huge floor to ceiling windows and a very high ceiling. I remember pressing my nose on the glass to see my dad on the airplane and we waved frantically as it took off.

    You could walk to the gate with the traveler at that time, and that was a lot of fun for kids.

    We dressed up to see him off – nice dresses, nice socks and shoes. And my father dressed up to fly on a plane – everyone did during the ’60s and ’70s. Riding on a plane was a privilege and we gave it respect by wearing our best clothes.

    I still can’t wear shorts or flipflops on planes. Same thing for local movie theaters – we all dressed up then. And we were quiet during movies. Seems a lot of things have changed, and not just that the airport’s gotten bigger and busier.

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